Alternative names: 1100AD: Becoming amber lands

1100 AD Online - a free browser-based multiplayer online game, playing in which you can feel as a ruler of a small province. By genre online strategy in 1100 AD belongs to the economic simulation game. Well, surely each of us ever wanted to take a break from these oppressive and gray working everyday and feel yourself a part of the ancient world? 1100 AD Online game strategy that will love every connoisseur of such products.

Join in the game 1100 AD does not take much time and is not particularly difficult process. It's very simple: you enter your account name, password, and email address. Then, in your email inbox, you will receive an email with the activation of your account, this registration will be over in 1100 AD.

As we have already mentioned, 1100 AD online game in which at your disposal is a small town in the state of affairs which is totally dependent on you. Chronologically, the events in the game, can be attributed to the period of the Middle Ages, and it means that the main goal is to protect your city from the constant attacks from the outside invader. This means that the defense should be no doubt on top, and the troops are always ready for battle. But for regular military operations do not need to miss the main aspect that keeps the game 1100 AD Online - the economic component, which is essential to the development of your province. In this game you need to be able to not only be a good manager and leader, but also a competent commander, after diplomatic agreements are not always the way to solve problems, and sometimes necessary to resort to the use of force.

Gameplay developers perfected to the last detail, and it is quite evident throughout. A striking example of caring about the players is the ability to safely equip your empire and recruit the necessary number of troops in the first two weeks of the game. Pretty good move on the part of developers allowed newcomers feel comfortable at first and do not worry about being razmetennymi to smithereens rivals surpassing them on several levels. Ti two weeks you can always spend on such important things as building kreposttnyh walls, hiring and arming troops or participate in jousts and tournaments, chat with neighbors.

Play the game 1100 AD is more fun with your friends, because in the game perfectly implemented a system of clans and guilds, and join the clan are worth. In the most pessimistic case, you get bonuses clan, and in the most optimistic - the support and assistance of their colleagues at any time when it is necessary for you.

Best of all, it turns out, when you start to play the game online 1100 AD - is that it is not demanding to the time spent in the game. By and large, in order to track and organize all you need no more than twenty minutes pyatnidtsati day. All your commands will be heard and acted upon your subjects, in fact, most any action works automatically. This means that the monitor or confirm their performance you need not be.

Another great move by the developers - it is an opportunity to acquire personal advisers. Well, let's say you are absolutely not interested in military affairs in the state, and the economic is in your personal supervision. Not a problem, hire yourself a military adviser, who will ensure that your military policy has always been on the level. So play in 1100 AD will be really interesting and enjoyable.

1100 AD to play like everyone, without exception, who loves developing and exciting gaming products. Do not loiter, register and prove that we deserve to be a real winner!


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