11 Legends

Alternative names: 11 Legends

Game 11 Legends for football fans

Now you can not only drive football on the court in the yard and watch it on TV, scolding the national team for clubfoot, blindness and slowness. And to embody the cherished dream of any football fan to raise their own star team, which, by mentioning it, will lead the enemy into awe, and awaken the desire to surrender without a fight.

Experts desire game 11 Legends in which you will become in one person and coach, and director, and manager. Managing your club, you get a carte blanche in everything. Now, whether the team will become a leader depends on your skillful work with people and organizational abilities. To find out, start 11 Legends to play, and show the real trainers how to act.

Work a lot, so start

you have to literally trade people. Although it's no secret that football players have long been resold to different clubs, and they perceive this is normal. Naturally, every director and coach wants to get the best players in the team to win all cups for them. True, they are worthless money, which you have to earn. And buying someone like Lionel Messi, you can easily dismiss one of the mediocrities, which constantly stitches during a run.

To start to understand the nuances, you need 11 Legend registration and constant access to the Internet. Now we will prioritize:

    The team in the beginning will get to you not so hot.

  • Working out the training plan
  • New exercises to improve the level of players
  • We are buying and selling football players
  • We construct the field and equip them
  • We produce buildings: hospitals, training centers
  • Head of worthy contenders
  • We perform the matches
She has more debts and complexes than lucky moments. And from this misunderstanding it is necessary to fashion a candy. The dream is grandiose, so there is a lot of work to be done to shed the sweat.

Each player, this is a person, a person with a character. To achieve results from it, we need an individual approach. Satisfying the needs of players, you increase the level of their desires, moods, happiness, health, experience. Having met their requirements, you can demand from them a return in threefold size. Drive them through the stadium until they stop confusing the gate with their own, and score goals in the right direction.

Virtual players 11 iPlayer legends, like real ones, are endowed with the following characteristics:

  • Technical
  • Precision
  • Straight
  • Stability
  • We perform the results

    All these complicated manipulations are reduced to one achievement of victory.

    • Form
    • Flang
    • Drilling
    • Pa
    • Back your head
    • Buck with foot
    • Energy
    • Having achieved the optimal command structure, do not forget about the economy, which is indispensable even in sports. If the coaching is akin to creativity, then there is still a financial one, which involves a routine with tracking the market of a living commodity - buying players, expanding infrastructure, finding sponsors.

      Browser game is filled with news and opportunities. Communicating with other players, you make deals with them, unite in associations. Having made some progress, some privileges will become available to you. So, for example, you can decide whether you want to broadcast the match or not. But it is available only to premium players. In associations, you can block some players who are persistently applying for membership. The director of the association can take the third assistant for more efficient management of tasks.


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