Alternative names: 1pirat

1pirat online - a free browser based online RPG game, which is inhabited by brave sailors and pirates.

This game does not need to be installed on your computer, you can play it anywhere you have access to the Internet. The game has been tested and works perfectly in browsers such as: Google Chrome (not less than 10 versions), Mozilla Firefox (version 4 or higher) and Internet Explorer (version 8 or higher).

Play igru1pirat online will be very interesting, since there are available vintage and modern warships, there are battles on the water and on land, and a lot of bloodthirsty monsters and bright ...

First game pirate, offers walking 1pirat registration, after which you can create your character and start the game. But all this in order. So, one pirate Register: fill out the registration form by typing in the appropriate fields in your e-mail address, username (the name of your future character), password, and choose the floor for his hero. Next, accept the terms and agreements of the game, and that registration closes. If you have an account in Facebook, you can log into the game, using it (without passing Registratsiya1pirat on the site).

Now about the game itself. 1pirat online game begins in the South Tobacco island beach, where you were after a shipwreck. Here you will get the desired initial information about the game, as well as meet with his first opponent, whereby learn to fight. If you are at the primary level have any questions, you can seek help from counselors and mentors (theirs assistance is competent and understandable explanation of how to start and continue your journey in the game ...)

First Pirate online offers your character to choose from a variety of professions, this fisherman, miner, Scavenger, Pirate and The Alchemist.

Choosing the profession Fisher (professional tool - rod), your character will catch fish, while pulling some valuable items ...

Choosing the profession of miners (professional tool - Kirk), your character will extract ore mine ...

Collector Choosing the profession (professional tool - Lukoshko and Sickle), your character will collect mushrooms ...

Choosing the Pirate profession, believe me, it's not an easy profession, your character will need to constantly engage in battles, win or sink enemy ships ...

Choosing the profession Alchemist (necessary items - Mortar Book Reagents and Scrolls with recipes), your character will prepare various magic potions ...

1 online pirate game has several types of things: armor, weapons, and jewelry. All of these things can be bought in stores.

Armor - is all that can be put over your hero for his defense (Helmets, Bibs, Pants and more), a very important thing is the shield and buckler (they will protect any part of your character)

Weapon - there are 6 types of weapons: Hammer, ax, sword, knife, spear and Dubin;

Jewelry - they contain magical powers and add hero strength, cunning or resourcefulness. This: Amulets, Earrings and Rings.

1pirat game has a wide variety of well-designed and quest tasks for which performance, your character will gain experience, and accumulated enough money, you can buy a boat or ship. The game has a very large number of different monsters.

The accumulated experience of your hero 1pirat online game can allocate between physical skills, possession of magic, and possession of weapons of any class.

You can play v1pirat buying and selling a variety of goods in the markets of the islands, and in private retail outlets.

On 5-game islands located associated with one network, Arena - venue for fights.

Play the game online 1pirat, you can use an ally, which can be found here and with it the fight against common enemies or particularly strong monsters.

In igra1pirat online special role clans, which in the game quite a lot. Clans can besiege castles and settlements, and many other things that are not available individually ...

1pirat game has a referral system that allows you to bring your friend to the game, and you will receive it for bonuses.

To conclude this review, I would add: the game is very extensive and has a lot more interesting. So, do not waste time, come to igre1pirat Register and join the game!

Live igra1pirat waiting for you!


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