9 Dragons

Alternative names: 9 dragons 9 dragons

Review of the game 9 Dragons

9 Dragons online - is a multiplayer role-playing game based on the myths of ancient China.

Online Game 9 Dragons makes the following minimum requirements for the computer player

· Processor: Pentium IV 1. 6GHz or higher

· RAM: 512 Mb or higher

· Video: GeForce 2 MX or higher

· Sound: DirectX 9 . 0 compatible

· Hard disk space: 800mb

· Internet connection: no slower 56k

Registration in 9 Dragons game prompts you to select one of the light or dark clans. You will need to enter:

· Nickname - his name on the forum

· Electronic mailbox address,

· Login - the login name of the game, [_1_ ]

· Password

· To choose the gender of the character,

· To accept the user agreement,

· Enter the code from the image.

In addition, you will still need to download the game client - a special program that is installed on your computer.

All 9 Dragons Online registration is over and we can become the future master of martial arts.

9 Dragons online game has several clans, light and dark, and you will have to choose which will be owned by your character. Each clan has its location - the game territory, a unique class names, as well as skill. However, to say that some clan stronger, some weaker, can not be all about equally balanced advantages and disadvantages.

Light clans such

· League vagrants created from the poor and beggars, [_1_ ]

· Wu-Tang clan divine sword

· Shaolin monks clan, featuring clear discipline.

Dark clans as follows:

· Brotherhood of thieves, robbers consisting of various stripes, [_1_ ]

· Sacred flower, the clan of women

· Heavenly demons unites lovers bounty hunt.

Each clan has its leader, biography and habits which we can meet when you play the game 9 Dragons online.

Moreover, reaching the heights in the knowledge of combat systems, you can join one of the three great clans:

· Black Dragon

· Followers of the iron fist,

· Union of Noble Families.

When you start to play online game 9 Dragons, the first thing you need to find a teacher who would teach you the basics of the combat system. Then, when you gain experience and develop some of their skills, it will be possible to appeal to the leaders for secrets.

When you play 9 dragons, you will need to choose which way to fight with the enemy - by the sword or bare hands. Of course, using a weapon, you will cause more damage, however, fighting with your bare hands, you get more experience, and therefore will proceed quickly to the next level.

Your character has a number of characteristics, the initial values ​​you set yourself, distributing the data points on the scale. Then performance characteristics will grow simultaneously with a set of experiences.

Game 9 Dragons online game has two modes:

· Peace

· Fighting.

They are easily switched. In combat mode you fight, but in the peace - look for a wandering roof over your head, read the scrolls to meditate, to trade, to communicate with the computer characters.

For each clan has its own unique quests - special assignments. For the fulfillment of which your character receives a variety of awards and has the opportunity to win a unique artifact. Quests a lot, they can perform as solo and group gathering.

Beginning in 9 Dragons play, you will receive detailed instructions on playing the game online, as well as friendly support in social networks.

At this point in the game there are 18 levels.

Joined 9 Dragons is an opportunity to get into the fantasy world and the combat of ancient China, and become a great master of kung fu!


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