Alternative names:

Igra Nine Worlds: it is difficult to be God.

Poshagovye strategy requires a clear action plan to achieve this goal. Each toy is their own, but if you're a fan of fantasy, having a weakness for Scandinavian myths, adore of MMORPG, and not afraid of responsibility, the game nine worlds created for you. Asgard torn ancient gods, and while some are preaching the good, the other evil people to incline position. For a long standoff led to the war, and although it subsided, isolated pockets erupt frequently, and we must be fully prepared to repel the enemy. What attracts you to the road - a peaceful neighborhood with players or looting, smuggling, robbery and capture? Start at the Nine Worlds to play, and take control of a town, in order to bring it to glory and prosperity by their own strategy. You will receive the privileges and powers a chance to fully utilize all the features on the way to winning the choice is yours.

Chtoby play the game Nine Worlds as an experienced player, carefully memorize the introductory lesson for beginners. They will show you the possible actions, ways to manage and configure. After such a thorough training you disappear all doubts, questions, and yet you realize some tricks:

  • Novichkam better hidden in his town until gain strength. Be engaged in the construction of the economy and development of the army, and gained strength, attack the neighbors.
  • Lichno can only pump soldiers, and they will fight automatically.

Ekonomika for the city is very important and it is necessary to produce in abundance resources and produce goods that the army was satisfied on all counts. Periodically wait to visit the bandits who attack, rob, break down, and a prey to leave your town. Hurry back enterprises and mines in operation in order to restore the flow coming into the coffers of items. If you do want to pay a return visit to an armed neighbors, you can do this by giving the command to his army, but do so only if assured of their own superiority.

Uznay his hero.

Nachnem with the fact that you do not control a specific character, and the whole city with all infrastructures, including the army. But you can hire soldiers from five races represented:

  • Magi
  • Bessmertnye
  • Giganty
  • Elfy
  • Gnomy

Nedostatki with the advantages inherent in each type. For example, giants terrify the gnomes, but inferior to the elves, and they shall fall under the onslaught of the dwarves. Study the quality of each character makes one armed group, and do not forget to constantly participate in its improvement. This will deal with every player on their territory, when behind the Nine Worlds registration. Heroes also have a category for color definition:

  • Oranzhevye
  • Fioletovye
  • Krasnye
  • Sinie

Krasnye, it is the most powerful and rare items, and front of the blue type characters are weaklings, but they can be dismantled as a basis to build a shower of heroes, and they need when choosing characters with high rates. Souls can also be used as a way to increase the power of the characters, and if you raise all the qualities to higher rates, it will be the most valuable warrior, able to throw a whole army of the enemy alone.

iPlayer nine worlds - great browser strategy where you will be able to fulfill their Napoleonic plans to create an alliance to destroy the menacing bosses to take a higher level rating, to make useful bonuses, to expand the boundaries of the city. But most importantly, it is the conquest of the celestial tower, which can be taken away only the most worthy, overcoming all 100 floors.


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