Ace of Spades

Alternative names: Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades - cubic, multiplayer, team game in the first person. Ace of Spades game pretty specific, all the details, elements and even heroes have the form designer details.

Like any computer game, Ace of Spades online has claims to the parameters of your computer. Therefore it is advisable to check the conformity of such system requirements, which are not complicated:

  • CPU frequency - 800 MHz;
  • RAM - 256 MB
  • Hard disk space - 10 MB;
  • Card - 64 MB
  • Connection to the Internet;
  • Keyboard;
  • Mouse.

Making sure that everything is correct you can proceed to registration in the game. But everything is not so easy, because you can download Ace of Spades free by torrent. Ace of Spades or register your character, which will be:

    1. Visit the official website of the game Ace of Spades;
    2. To select the download game,
    3. Choose - registration;
    4. Enter the name of your character;
    5. Specify either a valid email address. Advised to check the accuracy of this data you;
    6. Choose - register.

At the beginning of the game all starts with the selection of the match. Here are presented the game modes: failure mode, a few hills, a diamond mine, zombie mode and team battle. Each mode has its original features passage. Then choose your team, green felts felts blue. But now you can choose your character. You are given the opportunity to play one of the proposed four classes:

  • Foreman;
  • Sniper,
  • Rocketeer;
  • Miner.

Foreman - melee his shovel. A primary weapon: a machine gun and a pistol, there are grenades, tank and hopper walls at his disposal. Has a superweapon - rapid-fire machine gun and bazooka.

Sniper - melee - pickaxe. Weapon: rifle, pistol. Also mines, bunker and a small wall. Very fast, agile and better ranged.

Rocketeer - melee - shovel. Equipment: automatic, rocket backpack. Also, rocket launcher, grenades. Flying with rocket backpack.

Miner - a pick or shovel in the melee. Equipment: pistol and dynamite. Also barricade and stairs. Strong in melee and immediately blows a lot of facilities.

Play online game Ace of Spades with such characters will not be bored. In appearance they certainly do not differ much. The main objective of this game - to survive, to build anything, but the first thing itself defense and battle enemies for life. You run and immediately stand and shoot once, and well, that you have all of this already. But that's not all, because in every game mode available in addition their tasks. In general, there is no time to rest. Which is good, because this is the real game.

And that's what it all and feel the need to learn to play the Ace of Spades, no other way. The main thing to remember - the creation of correct and rapid protection - the key to success in battle.


Ace of Spades game on the market only since 2011, and is not like the usual form, but it already has its fans. You can become one of them. Good game!


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