Aeon cryohazard

Alternative names: Aeon

Aeon Cryohazard: what will your planet be like?

You are familiar with the principle of work in economic strategies, but if you are not afraid of large-scale work and serious responsibility, the game Aeon Cryohazard will be in your teeth. You will discover the cosmic expanses, unprecedented beauty of galaxies, the opportunity to revive a new life, populating the planet.

There are also enough

difficulties, because the enemies are scouring among the stars, looking for populated areas for capture. Recently, the Kryons have become hostile to all living things. Finding life on the planets, they simply destroy the population in order to build their own military base. They do not leave unattended corners of space either, because the more firing points they place, the more formidable they will be.

.Try to get ahead of Krion, to create your own colonies and weapons that can repel any attack. There is no reason to stay on one planet, when there are so many around them, and everyone is ready to receive guests, which is why it becomes more interesting and productive to play Aeon Cryohazard.

You build your own, new world!

Aeon Cryohazard registration is needed to become part of the virtual world of the browser game. Next, meet the players who managed to get comfortable here and build up some experience. Entering with them in friendly alliances, you will master the territory together and be able to protect them. But not all colonists are equally useful among them are potential enemies with whom conflict is inevitable.

The development of the settlement will be actively promoted. To settle in a new place, build:

  • Barks, cottages, skyscrapers and other residential premises
  • Orbital Guns
  • Shakhty
  • Thermuclear Power Plants

All works on the development of the city, and you can follow its progress in the menu, where growth and fall fluctuations are visible:

  • Population
  • Scientific progress
  • Acceleration of production of modules
  • Acceleration of materials synthesis
  • Construction of buildings
  • Mining Resource

To get access to the new products of the store, we need funds and materials: crystals, wood, gas, stone, oil, food. Having glanced in a game warehouse, you will see the riches accumulated by you, spread out in cells:

  • Artifacts
  • Modules
  • Materials
  • Resources
  • Miscellaneous

When you need to quickly find and apply a certain item, this distribution will allow you to do this quickly.

We are arming and developing the economy

To surprise the aggressor’s attack on your accumulated resources, it is necessary to think in advance about the defense. It is best to cope with it built the spacecraft, equipped with powerful weapons of the last sample. A total of six types of ships are available, and they will have to be improved gradually, gaining access to new products as the levels progress.

Like construction requires reading skills of diagrams and a vision of the result at the end, working with individual details. Only a properly planned device will provide reliable protection from Krionov and aggressive-minded players.

Aeon Cryohazard iPlayer also requires the development of economic relations. Creating alliances with other colonists, you act as a visionary founder. It helps to jointly defend against enemies and safely trade online. By building honest relationships, you will gain trust and respect, gain experience and privileges.

For fans of stellar travel, economic strategies, military operations, the dynamics of development and great gaming opportunities, this toy will definitely like it, despite the somewhat rustic graphics, which do not understate the overall pleasant impression.


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