Affected Zone Tactics

Alternative names: Affected Zone Tactics

Game Affected Zone Tactics is a completely new game client computer. Here, you will plunge into the world of battles where you need to be a true tactician.

Game Affected Zone Tactics registration is available only to grown users. In order to register in the game you need to specify:

1. Your user name.

2. Your username and password.


The game Affected Zone Tactics You can play in one of the modes provided, as well as using the following skills:

  1. Player vs Player. This unique mode where you fight against real opponents.
  2. Step mode. In this mode you will be able to show their tactical skills.
  3. Control unit. This is the mode in which, under the command of an entire group of soldiers you will be able to cope with any number of opponents.
  4. Using shelters. Use of cover gives you the ability to use all your tactical skills.
  5. Battles smokers. You can use all the facilities and facades for shelters.
  6. Capture the Flag. In this mode, you must capture the enemy base as long as possible and keep it. To your battle was successful, your team must operate harmoniously.


Play Affected Zone Tactics You will be selecting the desired class for you:

  1. Soldiers class Commandos are the best scouts and snipers. They have an excellent overview, as well as they have a high level of stealth. Fighters can successfully maintain separate negotiations, engage in intelligence to control capture points. They have weak armor, but at the same time they apply powerful sniper rifles, as well as a variety of grenades.
  2. Stormtroopers are a versatile class. They operate successfully in different situations on the battlefield. Stormtroopers successfully attack the enemy fighting positions, while the capture key points, or defending strengthen their entire team. They are characterized by average. In battles they use common automatic weapons, grenades and grenade launchers.
  3. Heavy infantry use powerful weapons and armor is very strong. This class represents a key force that leads the other classes and the ability to break virtually every defense. They can cause critical damage to all their enemies. Heavy infantry is the slowest class in the game, which has a low review and unobtrusiveness.
  4. Fire support is the best support in the battles, without which any attack is doomed to failure. With constant interaction intelligence soldiers fire support can completely change the course of battle. Them the strength to attack enemies with a huge distance. Protective armor missile and mortar in a very weak, hence it is very much needed help from other classes. Fire support must constantly change their location. The key to success in this class - is constant movement and mobility on the battlefield.

Affected Zone Tactics game online should certainly win a huge hit among gamers around the world.

Plunge into the world Affected Zone Tactics online and get a lot of fun!


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