Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer

Alternative names: Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer

Game Rise of the Godslayer - first addition to the multiplayer role-playing game Age of Conan, which has already become popular among the users. Project developer - the company Funcom. The creators wanted to create a comfortable virtual world, which will be fun to spend their leisure hours, and users who can surprise a lot of unique features. Proceedings of the company were not in vain, before you filled with exciting events, diverse, colorful, dynamic, alternative and exciting PvP battles filled world. You are transported to a mysterious expanse of exotic mills called Khitai. Here, you will find yourself in an atmosphere appropriate oriental flavor. Once pass Tortage starting areas, will be able to go to new lands. All you need approval captain. Climb aboard the ship to make the journey if you will buy him a ticket or hire a security guard. By the way, if you sail as a security guard, expect the road and unexpected tasks that will have to cope with. Stepping on solid ground, you will find yourself in the wilderness. This is the place where sandstorms occur and quite willingly feel nomadic gang. On the horizon you see the Great Wall Khitan, but it still should get. How do you start this? And remember, this game is not just the beginning of so rapid, the whole gameplay filled with dizzying events!

Download Age of Conan : Rise of [ _2_] the Godslayer You will be able to if your computer meets the following system requirements: Operating system Windows XP / Vista; processor Pentium IV 3 GHz, DirectX 10 support; graphics card with 128 MB and 1 GB of RAM. Age of Conan : Rise of the [ _2_] Godslayer Russian version - new opportunities, improving an existing account, the original game, plus access to the amendment, the lack of previous imperfections gameplay. To enjoy this gameplay precarious, with beautiful graphics and realistic implementation of game events, you should buy Age of Conan : [ _7_] Rise of the Godslayer . Yes, the addition of pay, but believe that it will justify money spent!

Starting Age of Conan : Rise of [ _2_] the Godslayer play, you will be able to develop in line with what most attractive for you. Alternative development system allows unikalizirovat your character. Just imagine - you no one else will look like! Start inexperienced rookie and eventually become a top class fighter - well, that may be the most attractive to those whose ambition is whipped over the edge? Show others what you are capable of using the new addition!

Start your war develops. World torn to pieces different factions, each with their own purpose. For example, the Crimson Circle scares all the inhabitants of the empire, because nobody knows what will throw out these wizards in the next moment, Last Legion, under the command of General greedy and obsessed with how to protect the Great Wall, and Brittle Blade - is none other than as a professional killer who can operate quietly and professionally. The game has as many as 10 fractions. And choose the side you want to fight for you can yourself. Join those who are worthy in your opinion and pursue common objectives, not forgetting to take care of personal career.

Game Age of Conan - Rise of [ _2_] the Godslayer offers you a lot of interesting jobs, meeting new monsters and bosses, the ability to tame not previously available such naezdnyh animals like the tiger and wolf. Participating in numerous battles, you will accumulate experience and receive a reward of useful items. The revolution took place and also relatively equipment. Now the player has truly worthy choice, but still sufficient incentive to take a chance go to the cave in the hope to get epic little things. By the way, the further move forward, the more difficult it becomes, but also awards, respectively respectable.


Get activation key to not losing time to start playing Age of Conan : Rise of the Godslayer . And then before you will never question what to do in your spare time. You will seek to return to the game world, because here can get an incredible amount of positive emotions! Good luck!


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