Age of Empires 2

Alternative names: Age of Empires 2
Game Age of Empires 2 easily won the hearts of most fans of computer projects. Yes differently and could not be, because its high quality graphics, thoughtful design, tidy units and realistic characters could not leave anyone indifferent. That's what helped the project earn the attention of millions of gamers cos this world. Immediately after the first announcements of the players lay down for themselves about the game experience. They expected something of the same class and quality, but a little better. Strictly speaking, the developers managed to fully meet the demands and expectations of fans of his project. Game Age of Empires II will shift during which logically should replace events demonstrated in the first part. Play this one happen more cultural army of feudal society. It should be noted, of course, that the fundamental difference between the troops past and present is not there - the game has all the same catapult powerful warriors along with deplete farmers. The only difference - the name of each unit, a new race of heroes (now there are 13). To start the game process, you first need to download Age of Empires 2. Before you enter the game, warn that this part of the project compares favorably with previous its scale. Yes, finally, at least one game has managed to strike a balance - now the warriors do not close their powerful backs silhouettes of houses. Scaling benefited from the project, and it looks much better. You will have an Age of Empires 2 play, visiting a truly enormous building (if it is university, and scale it appropriate - so just look and not okinesh, you know). Some skeptics have expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the alleged large buildings trims card - a mere trifle, do not worry about it, enough space in the project at all! Continue our Age of Empires 2 review the story of the most important and interesting innovations. That immediately catches the eye players already familiar with AeO, - appearance buzz opovestitelnoy siren. Quite rational solution, which gives even more atmospheric, because in those times that are described in the game, opovestitelnye sirens were the only means of communication. So now you can hardly seeing the enemy camp, loudly warn all associates of their arrival. Also, the game Age of Empires 2 offers gamers a completely uncharacteristic new solution - a grouping of troops. That is, from now on you will be able to request to build soldiers, according to different patterns: column, wedge, square. Looks so well-oiled system, of course, awesome. Moreover - sometimes similar arrangement allows affect the further course of the game development. So you can better imagine what the new developers have prepared this time, suggest you look to the Age of Empires 2 video trailer.

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