Age Of Fury

Alternative names: Age Of Fury

Age Of Fury game designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad - modern technology, working on the basis of the operating system iOS. The project was implemented in the favorite of many gamers strategic genre and contains elements of PVP. The game is suitable just for those who can not imagine my life without fantasy game battles. This application - a great way to spend a minute or two on the way to work, standing in line or during a coffee break at work. Vivid graphics, simple and accessible interface, decent gameplay - all this is the best characterized Age of Fury.

Age Of Fury online - a great opportunity to feel like a real powerful warlord fighting for honor and freedom of their own kingdom. You can build your own unique army consisting of the strongest and bravest knights. After all, only brave warriors, like you, are able to win and achieve all the goals.

To start the game, will have to download and install it to your Apple-device. To install Age Of Fury registration need except that only in AppStore. You will need to enter the previously set on your own phone or tablet, and after a few seconds the game is already installed and will be open to dating.

Project allows to team. If your friends are playing Age Of Fury online, share your moods and ideas, then you are just made for each other (well, for one team so accurately). You can for a few seconds to create your own clan, invite him and like-minded friends to continue to fight together with the enemies. In that case if you still feel that the layman generalship in fact, and are not ready to govern an army, you will be able to practice and gain experience in the military, joining one of the existing clans. In short, you will simply get bored once - communication with existing and newly emerging friends will delay you instantly, but the general idea will allow the clock to communicate on the implementation and development of various strategies.

Play Age Of Fury you will be studying (and with it, creating a new one) the story of a military confrontation between the inhabitants of the land and Vozrdivshihsya aggressive-minded inhabitants of the region of the world. This war lasted for more than thirty years, and today its outcome depends entirely on you and your team. Only choice players will be available a few basic character races:

1. Human.

2. Elven.

3. Gnomish.

Despite their independence, all races had to unite in the face of the enemy. Joint efforts and finally allowed to breathe a sigh of relief - the evil was defeated. However, the joy of victory lasted very long - after a short military armistice mezhdurasovye conflicts flare up with renewed vigor. What does all of this could lead? Learn when you start to play Age Of Fury! Hurry up and download it and tell about this game finding friends.


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