Aika Online

Alternative names: Ike Live

Online game Aika - it's an interesting, large-scale MMORPG game developed PvP system that will allow you to take part in large-scale battles in which you may participate thousand players on each side. Aika online game players is highly regarded for a simple to use and nice interface, a well-developed history of the world. In the game you will find a lot of interesting things: the Revolution, the siege enemy castles, and fight for someone else's treasure. In order to play Aika online only need to register and download the client, which is only 32 megabytes.

Join in the game Aika online is simple: press the registration button, which is located on the left of the main page and click the tab of the same name. On Aika Online registration you enter your email address, password invent, read and accept user agreement and you press the button to register. Aika online registration can be done in a different way - through a social network Vkontakte. In this case, the application will ask GameNet access to general information in your profile at any time. After successful registration, you will go to the tab, where you will be prompted to download the game client. Next you have to go through a simple process of installing the client Aika online, which takes a few minutes.

Play the game Aika online is possible only on the server of the World. Next, we choose one of five game nation, each of which is located in a separate area. So Imber - it warriors, Keront - a nation of traders, Therion refers to the Democrats, for the citizens of Akris typical rebellious spirit and the desire for independence, the population Flamma to achieve the goal using different tricks. Opposite the nation's most popular you can see a small crown. Must also select a game mode PVP or PVE. PVP mode selection enables attack other game characters. Having defined the nation and play mode, select one of the six currently proposed game character, thereby determining their future in the game. Warrior specializes in the art of close combat, Paladin uses white magic, the sorcerer can get a critical strike the enemy, the priestess can treat other bafnut or, when necessary, use the arrows in battle heavy firearms ranged and pistoler enjoys guns at shorter distances.

Aika online game is traditional for this kind of games process - leveling all sorts of ways, as well as procuring weapons and armor. It is worth noting that the game only increased skills from mentors in your town and not automatically. You need to take various quests, kill monsters, collect fallen out of them and sell them things. In Aika online can gather a group of like-minded and go on raids in the dungeon, and your character after reaching level 45, you can go with friends of his nation in the raid on another nation. If you win, you can become the owner of various artifacts that can be redeemed for rewards.

To play the online game Aika you were not bored, developers suggest you get a winged helper - the debate. To do this, you have to perform a special quest. Next, select the element for the deliberations of the existing pump her go in parallel with his character. After level 40, you will be able to buy a mount. All lakatsiyah game Aika online there are characters that can keep you out of the game before going to a certain location. In Aika online play like to play for those who appreciate the jokes, humor and battle. Toy was very busy and will not let you and your friends get bored.


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