Air Conflicts: Vietnam

Alternative names: Air Conflicts: Vietnam

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2. 0 Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200 +


Video Card: 256 MB

Disk Space: 2 GB


Air Conflicts: Vietnam - arcade video game where we have to go on the most famous airplanes mid-20th century through the crucible of the Vietnam War. But the game Air Conflicts is not a simple arcade game, the presence of numerous elements of the simulation makes control of the airplane more close to reality, and you will be difficult to carry out fantastic bends without disastrous consequences for the crew, who will experience outrageous overload. Hangar Air Conflicts contains about 20 different models of aircraft, including light fighters, bombers and attack American and Soviet production. In addition, the player will be available the opportunity to feel as a pilot of a helicopter gunship that era. All aircraft models created with stunning accuracy, and were copied from real samples.


And the reaper, and Sweden ...


During the mission Air Conflicts: Vietnam player will not be invited again to change places them in a controlled aircraft, to feel as a pilot or airborne shooter. In the first case would be able to control the flight path of the aircraft, and in the other, your task will be protecting your aircraft from enemy attacks. In the game a lot of missions where you have to be at low level flight attack ground targets from airborne guns or throwing bombs and strengthen the enemy airfields. Game Air Conflicts: Vietnam has a light tactical component, when you will be available to control one of the aircraft level, but also you will be able to give orders driven by coordinating the attack tactics of the enemy by means of simple orders.




All missions single player campaign games will be held in the heavens and the Vietnam War rarely you will be able to meet two of the same job, because change will not only environmental species, but the strength of the enemy, as well as a list of tasks for a particular level. Another amazing feature Air Conflicts, this game related story single-player campaign where all the missions will be interconnected in series. Between sorties you can listen to a briefing with the objectives of the next job, and sometimes turning points will be accompanied by video, voiced by professional actors. After completing all tasks single-player campaign, the player will be available to all card games for single missions, where you can choose your own current job and the plane. Here you can shoot over enemy positions on a bomber or participate in a real air slaughterhouse at the helm of a high-speed fighter.




All available aircraft in the game will have the option to choose a weapon, where you will be able to pick the best arsenal for this particular mission. During the single-player campaign, a list of weapons to choose will be opened gradually, and you will be a step by step to improve the combat power of your aircraft from job to job. For the greatest variability in the performance of tasks, you can make a list of weapons for all your aircraft and combat unit in the battle to choose on which aircraft will be easier to perform combat tasks, proceeding from its ammunition. This option is available not only for American-made aircraft, but also for the Soviet "hawks" and you will be able to decide on which side you take part in air battles over Vietnam.


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