Alice: Madness Returns

Alternative names: Alice: Madness Returns

Game Alice: Madness Returns - a project made in the best traditions of the genre "action adventure", in which all events are viewed from a third party. As the developer of the game were made by Chinese studio Spicy Horse. First wider audience project was presented in mid-2011. This game was created specifically for personal computers and for your favorite consoles and set-top boxes.

Alice Madnes Return tells us the tragic story of Alice's girl, whose parents were killed in a terrible fire a few years ago. The main character survived, but this tragedy has not passed for a girl without a trace. After the fire Alice taken to a psychiatric hospital, where she had to fight every day with his memories and fears. So ten years of treatment in mind girls create their own world - a kind of pretty Wonderland for Alice. During this time the heroine recovered and can now leave the walls of the hospital, but such trauma just do not disappear ...

Alice: Madness Returns pc will demonstrate our lives Alice outside hospitals. Girl trying to live quietly in London, regularly meets with psychologists, but terrible hallucinations still will not let her. Alice realizes that to get rid of them, you need to find and release the cause of suffering. In Alice: Madness Returns to play, as practice shows very interesting as an unusual storyline makes to think seriously and develop a completely atypical technology game. In London, the main character have hard times - dreams, memories, some pictures and then appear in the memory. Perhaps it would be better if it will live forever in Wonderland?

To start the game, you will need to Alice: Madness Returns to download the installation file. Modern torrent trackers will make it quickly and easily. Once you enter into the project, you will learn that the only place the salvation of your main character has lost its force. In all the time, until the girl escaped from the problems on its own, its fictional country has changed a lot, even managed to penetrate the evil here. As you probably guessed, the game Alice: Madness returns will put you on important mission - to save Alice In Wonderland.

The game's plot is conventionally divided into two parts, and will have to deal with events occurring in the present, and with the ups and downs of an imaginary world. Excellent graphics allows the best way to demonstrate the differences worlds: the real London is pretty dull and boring, but the imaginary world is simply amazing bright colors. Monitor the status of the main character can be in terms of the understanding, which can be enhanced through some bonuses or decrease due to the impact of enemies.

Personally ascertain the veracity of the above can be looked to Alice: Madness Returns video trailer that will certainly intrigue you!


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