Alternative names: Alideria

Alideriya online - this is a fantastic game in which the main character is just you! Alideriya online game gives you an opportunity to take part in an incredible journey, great accomplishments and grand battles. To a greater or lesser extent in every person the child lives, the same naive, believing in miracles and fairy tales. So why not let your imagination run wild and will not be allowed into incredible fabulous adventure? Whether it is an grown or a small child - play the game online Alideriya will be interesting for everybody, and leave it in a couple of minutes, is unlikely to succeed - the game will be delayed for months. Alideriya online game world in which unprecedented beauty, it was long ago created the great gods and magicians. Online game Alideriya is out of the ordinary game - it is something more than the usual RPG! The game has an unusual, unique to this kind of games combat system, as well as lots of exciting quests, various ways of development of the protagonist, and many other features. As a player is everything you could wish for - from the spectacular locations and ending grand battles with enemies. The advantages of the game may also include beautifully crafted interface, which is simply intuitive. An important aspect of the game also is its compatibility with absolutely all browsers, so the problem is not possible to support the game in your browser simply disappears.

Register Alideriya is no different from the procedure in most online games. To pass it is necessary that was originally made direct Alideriya online registration online games, which includes a username, password, and email address. As you can see, the registration in the game Alideriya take a little time at all, leaving him on a fascinating journey.

Once passed the stage of registration, you can go directly to the game. No matter what mood you sit down to play the game online Alideriya, but what it is you have to rise from the first minutes of exciting game - guaranteed! In the beginning, you are encouraged to be very fun and exciting adventure, which will set the player on the right wave. Also at the start of all given a certain amount of money. One of the main tools in the game is the manna, the accumulation of which is held during the fight, and the maximum possible amount depends on the level of knowledge of this or that element. At the start of the game to the player only three spells. They especially do not stand out, but their advantage is that they do not require mana. Attractive game as their locations, which, moreover, a very large number.

In order to increase your rank and score for the guild to earn experience. You can do this with your brothers remeslinikov in city government. With the help of the guild, you can also earn money.

During the battle, all equipment hero much wear because of what requires proper and consistent care. In one battle the player can lose an average of one unit of strength. In order to be always very good shape, it is necessary from time to time seek the help of a blacksmith, goldsmith, and tailor. If you wanted to buy something new, you can always contact the Trading House and the Tower of secret signs. Naturally, playing Alideriya much easier with spells that can only be purchased at the Tower of secret knowledge.

If you're ready to play with real money embedding - please! Alideriya provides the possibility of buying talent - the local currency in the game. If you have talent in there, you open up new possibilities that do not have "normal" users. Among them are, for example, the possibility of purchasing premium account, the opportunity to change your avatar or forum name, able to use unique emoticons and more.

So, we see that this is a unique game! Generally, in Alideriya play will be interesting for everybody - both children and growns, and the fairy-tale world that tempt one that other equally. This is probably the first game in which the developers were able to connect so well baby dreams and desires with the grown-up level of the game.


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