Alien Swarm

Alternative names: Alien Swarm

Game Alien Swarm is a free online game that was designed in the style of Shoot 'em up. Danae is a team game shooter.

In-Game Alien Swarm Online registration is carried out quickly enough. To register in the game Alien Swarm, you must specify the following information:

1) your email address and password.

2) his or her username.

Play the game Alien Swarm, you can, if your system meets the following requirements:

1. Pentium 4 3 GHz - Processor.

2. Not less than 1 GB - RAM.

3. Not less than 2.5 GB - HDD.

The free online game Alien Swarm play you'll be part of the chosen class:

1. Officers - this class has access to the following weapons: mines, shotgun with a grenade launcher, etc. Officers can also defend its allies against melee damage.

2. Specialist special weapons - this class causes severe damage to enemies. In his arsenal is a high power autocannon. He also has access to minipushke. That its operations were successful, it must have a drawer full of bullets.

3. Medic - he has special healing beacons. When he reaches a large development will use a special instrument through which it will heal themselves and their allies.

4. Technician - an indispensable class in the game. He has a special technique, which can even brew door. Can crack the door locks, databases, and other programs. They have access to weapons and rifles and grenade launchers.

In-Game Alien Swarm online you can use the following weapons:

1. Assault rifle - an automatic rifle with a grenade launcher built.

2. Prototype assault rifle - a rifle that uses only techniques.

3. Autocannon - a weapon only for special weapons specialist with a large capacity and automatic gun.

4. Shotgun - a weapon officer with integrated grenade launcher.

5. Semi guns - a pistol with a small capacity.

6. Machine gun turret - turret sets, big power.

7. Double-barreled shotgun - a powerful weapon.

8. Elektropushka - this gun with an electric charge, which slows enemies.

9. Railgun "Precision" - it's a rifle that hits enemies in one line.

10. Medical gun - the gun is for physicians.

11. Personal Weapons - two sub-machine gun.

12. Flamethrower - a weapon with a fire extinguisher.

13. Frosty turret - a weapon that freezes enemies.

14. Minigun - a weapon specialist for special weapons.

15. Thermal rifle - this sniper weapon at which highlighted their goal.

16. Flamethrower turret - a weapon with a flamethrower.

17. Chainsaw - is a melee weapon that is in the game only. Chainsaw has a high capacity.

18. Grenade launcher turret - a weapon combines the functions of the turret and a grenade launcher.

19. Grenade Launcher - portable weapons, speed meets the turret.

20. Industrial laser - a special laser that perform industrial work.

Sign in the game Alien Swarm for free and get pleasure from passing the mission.




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