Allods Online

Alternative names: Allods Online

Allods online - this is the first really worth playing Russian developers of world renown. Unfortunately, Russian MMORPG games are not much delight users, but online game Rage - this is clearly an exception to the rule. Through extensive testing to eliminate all kinds of disadvantages, developers have done a great job, which has borne fruit - the game Allods Online has caused a stir around you!

Join in the game Rage runs on a standard scheme for this kind of games. To start you will need to download the client, or is there an opportunity to buy it, and at once complete with a certain reserve "local currency". Allods Online registration also includes the creation of their profile on the site. So after registration Rage completed, you can proceed directly to the game.

Next, you must determine its character that first will make quite difficult. Here you need to select which class, race, and party to the conflict will treat your subordinate. Play online game Rage is possible for the two factions - the Empire and the League. Naturally all characterized by its own uniqueness and, accordingly, each character has its own rewards. Also at the beginning of the game you have to choose the appearance of the hero, what must be taken seriously, since the game will change the appearance impossible. The game has six parameters of the character selection. And if you're playing for the Gentiles, and will need to give your pet nickname.

Further possible to race and class. Allods Online is a game where in the Empire, the following races: Orcs, Hadagantsi and rebels. Playing for the League, you can select: Elves gibberlingom, Kaniytsev. Naturally, choosing a character, you need to understand that each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. By the need to choose the character who best fits your playing style.

Play the game Allods Online, you can for the following classes: Wizard, Scout, Warrior, Mystic, Templar, Priest, Pagan and Necromancer.

Pretty good helps to play Rage store donation, which is also called the shop of curiosities. It is possible to buy all that soul desires, from various potions and skills, and ending with various accessories for your astral vehicle. You can also purchase different kinds of assistance in crafts or unique style of his character.

An interesting feature of the game is to have weddings. If you want your character to become closer and more friendly to the character of your boyfriend or girlfriend, you can chat in the game to conclude this sacred union.

Game abundance of different things you can get for performing tasks selected mobs and many more where. In the absence of the necessary things, you can always use the auction, where there is almost everything.

Is quite difficult in the game is leveling. If the initial levels, it is still bearable, the senior - just killer! Therefore, without the help of the store Donata not do.

Raises the possibility of using the hero can worship different gods. To do this you need to purchase special items from the store Donato and myrrh substance, for which you will be charged the gaming currency. But the result is worth it! Gain, such as damage by 50% is pretty impressive.

In the game there are seven professions. They can be roughly divided into those which are manufactured items, and those resources that are collected.

An important aspect of the game is your reputation. You can pick it up interrupting monsters or completing various quests. You want to have the greatest reputation in this or that faction, as it affects the size of the bonuses that you will receive from it.

A feature of the game is also disclosed "Russian" theme, which is not bad brought to life. Not quite accustomed to see Orc strolling through the streets of the 50s, but agree that every game should be "highlight" and in this game it is distinctive. Allods online game is absolutely free, but in order to speed up the process of character development and "confidently stand on their feet" in the shop available Donato. Naturally, for all that makes life easier to be paid, and no exception is store Donato.


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