Alternative names: Alvegia
Alvegia online game, which is a true manifesto of faith in the true and time-tested classics.

Join in the game Alvegia is very simple and does not take much time. To start the game, visit the game's official website, enter the username, e-mail address to which you will receive confirmation of your registration and password that will be used to access the account, this registration Alvegia will finished and you can safely start the game. But first be sure to download the game client. This can be done on the official website of the game.

System configuration games Alvegia which can play almost all computers are not so demanding. So below is a list of system requirements.
Processor with a frequency of 1.3 GHz menie, video card with 128 MB or 512 MB of RAM. Incidentally, Alvegia game online registration which will allow you to immediately download the client.

Pleasantly pleased design of the game. For example, the interface is not overloaded with huge number of buttons that usually are useless and are responsible for functions that can rightly be considered useless. Nowadays minimalism in online games practically not run, but in this game can be appreciated in them to enjoy. It is for this to play the game Alvegia Alvegia online will be so nice and easy. The game's plot is a rather interesting mix of classic fantasy and originality of ties, the amount of information that must be read in order to be in the know - is minimal. Play Alvegia thanks to this appeal to all fans of active play, not to exhaustion reading the huge variety of useless hyped stories.
An interesting feature of the game is the complete lack of binding character to the different classes. On this shift came skill tree that are available for development with the acquisition of points improvement that will be available at each level increase your gaming protege.
World of games as drenched minimalism and simplicity, pleasing the eye. And let the graphic design of the game and can not compete with the latest gaming industry, but overall picture of the game world will be pleasantly surprised Atmospheric and comfort. Huge giants trees, water surface, like a huge glass, beautiful sunset views that can be seen from the tops of mountains - all this takes us into such an enjoyable classic fantasy universes that we often imagine in our imagination.

Starting to play the game online Alvegia , you immediately encounter a huge amount natagonistov and detractors who will resist you. It could be your countrymen who wish you ill and mutants - a mistake of nature, the brainchild of a great transformation. All they do not give passage to strangers and residents. The game lacks many of the standard and the elements we already beloved heroes or skills, but that the gameplay is just getting interesting, because decisions have to take an entirely new way.

And this game is even more interest and has to ensure that the conduct in it as much as possible of his possession.


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