Angry Pets

Alternative names: Angry Animals, Angry Pets

Angri Patsy game with beautiful graphics and interesting plot allows you to plunge into the wonderful fairy-tale world full of adventure and struggle. "Millions of years ago, the little animals enjoy life on Earth. But ... "- begins with these words one of the worst confrontations predators and herbivores. And now it's your time to intervene to restore order and to restore the balance.

Join in the game Angry Pets simple: first you have to choose the name and sex of the character, and then select View - cats, squirrels or penguins. Buildings constructed protein faster cat faster clearing territory and building penguins easier to tolerate evil dinosaurs attack. Angry Pets online registration allows you to consider what benefits you want to get - Cat agility, speed, strength or protein penguins. Early in the game you will be helping the assistant. If you're playing for the cats, they will call him "Kitty".

Angry Pets allows play from any place where there is a computer and internet because the system requirements for this game are just ridiculous - access to the Internet, the browser with support for Flash (Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc . ), And a computer that could not cope with such a game if it is not worth the Polytechnic Museum, it will be soon.

In this game there are characters characteristics that affect the outcome of battles with dinosaurs: it Bravery, Greatness, Care, Care, Leadership, Hide and according to race some of them are better developed than others.

Register Angry Pets ended and the game has already begun. Meanwhile, your rocket broke, and you're stuck on a small island completely foreign to you planet. First, you have to clear the area for construction of weeds. Maybe you can find some useful resources during excavation. First of all you need to build a dairy farm, which will produce 10 units of milk per hour.

Angry Pets online game has the following set of resources - a tree, metal, energy for buildings, as well as milk and herbs to maintain a healthy body. Angry Pets online game has a developed system of quests and different tasks, the first of which was to clear a place to live and build a farm. Now you can get your well-deserved award - 10 wood, 10 metal, 10 and 10 energy milk. The next step is the construction of buildings for the production of each resource - such as a sawmill or iron mine. In addition, each of the buildings has to improve - for example if you have experience and sufficient resources can turn your sawmill to sawmill and produce many times more resources. But while your small town is not able to withstand the influx of predators, so behave gently. Next you will need to select the settings of the city. Once captured the basic resources would be nice slowly but surely begin repairs rocket, it will give you the opportunity to settle the moon, which is so rich in natural resources. Meanwhile, your city is even built a wind generator and you're ready to defend, dinosaurs caught you off guard and taken all the resources. Build the necessary buildings and do everything possible to restore justice in the fairy world. Need to fight back or you'll play Angry Pets and understand that you are defeated.

Play game Angry Pets online and just incredibly fun and colorful graphics will leave only the best impressions and time spent in the game does not seem entirely spent in the shuffle. Play online game Angry Pets better with friends because together you can quickly and easily defeat the evil dinosaurs. Also the game has a general rating, which enables you to understand at what point in the world you are, and you will be able to help or disturb some other players on the way to victory.


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