Anno 2070

Alternative names: Anno 2070, Anno 2070

Anno 2070 game - the game comes from the future. This project never rests on its laurels. The developers of this game are constantly improving their offspring, creating more and more new additions, including bug fixes, new missions, new jobs, improved weapons, the ability to build new buildings and much more. The game itself is very catchy strategy made quality and beautiful - the graphics are really amazing. A fun story and the gameplay is not competent longer collected at monitors gamers from all corners of the globe.

Game Anno 2070 will be transferred to you in the future - namely, in 2070. Global sea level has increased significantly and destroyed many large towns and cities around the world. Climate change on the planet, and now most of the remaining land on the surface of the water just became uninhabitable. Many game critics had to admit the most successful strategy for the project, existing today. In turn, Anno 2070 offers participants transported into a whole new world, where every step you expect adventure.

In order that you can play in Anno 2070 is successful, you will need to learn how to easily obtain all the necessary resources, you have to hone your skills in negotiation and learn the basics of trading. It is worth noting that the game implements the most versatile and comprehensive economic strategy of all, before encountered. And so you can visualize what this project is, you can look for Anno 2070 video trailer.

To start the game, you will need to pre-buy access keys and download the game. Because the project is interactive, then ahead awaits you already traditional registration process. Today play Anno 2070 can not be free - games the minimum cost - $ 220. But believe me, this project fully justifies its cost. Once you get access keys, you can Anno 2070 download and install on your computer, in addition to all comers available free demo version of the game.

The fact that the game currently not translated into Russian, one should not confuse you - the management is quite simple and you can get it on an intuitive level.

Once you are able to download Anno 2070, you will deal with the development of the future society. You will be able to colonize new islands and frustrating own megacities. You will be able to build new factories and unique, such as robotostroitelnye, diamond mining and refineries.

In Anno 2070 is implemented completely unique control system and game mechanics. And, of course, in front of you expect a lot of completely new tasks and quests. Now, the project participants will be able to build their cities such architectural masterpieces that had not hitherto seen in any game.


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