Anno online

Alternative names: Anno online

Game Anno Online - is a free browser-based strategy, which takes place in a medieval world in the West. You will play the game Anno Online and be able to gain and develop your own island in your hands will not only control of resources and wealth, but also the lives of the inhabitants of the island . You can also join with other players to explore new worlds and unknown civilization and build a beautiful historical buildings from the past.

Before playing Anno Online , make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements such as: frequency processor - 2GHz; RAM-1GB Video Card - 128MB.

Join in the game Anno Online does not take much of your time and easy:

1. On the main page, enter your age,

2. Enter a valid e-mail address;

3. Select « Sign me up », and Anno Online registration is completed.

Game Anno Online was shown to the world designer Tom Bolton. The player's goal Anno Online online is simply to build the grandest city, players will be able to use all the resources and network diagrams to ensure that all their citizens receive only what they need. Game Anno Online show 120 types of buildings and more than 800 buildings in each city, so you have to perform a sufficient number of calculations.

To build large structures in Anno Online online , players must unite and cooperate to perform the job. The strategy has a guild system, global chat, online liderovy, status tracking and messaging system, as well as a tool for creating an avatar using combinations 3500000. Players Anno Online online can visit the island each other, although it is not clear what they would do if they did. In order to build large-scale projects, such as the cathedral, for example, take a few days of real time to complete.

To begin the construction of the city in the game Anno Online , the players have to start from scratch. Each player has access to nine slots on the island, the first five of these are unlocked as soon as you start Anno Online play, the remaining four only are you able purchase. Source island has a fixed format, while resources are placed pseudo. Once you have colonized the entire territory Anno Online online and reached a sufficiently high level of development, you will be able to build ships and send them on your colonized the island. Since each island has access to another resource, the players Anno Online online will have to deal with each island to balance its economy, and also specialize further and develop trade relations with friends.

Of course, there are services in the game Anno Online , which are only available for real money. Here players can buy accelerate progress, for example. Nevertheless, the vast majority of items that they can buy, are purely cosmetic.

Graphics game Anno Online is at a high level. The advantage of the game is that it's a browser MMO game, it is easy to operate, you can play it with friends, Anno Online online [ _1_] you can carry out trade with players from around the world! Among the disadvantages include the fact that the servers are often offline, but rather, it is a glitch.


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