Apocalypse 2056

Alternative names: Apocalypse 2056

Apocalypse 2056 online - free turn-based strategy game. 2056, Earth grasped doomsday catastrophe for disaster, the people perish, strong heat does not spare anyone not. Antarctica - a place where the remaining inhabitants of the planet at least as it can survive without have virtually nothing to live. Someone raises a shooting rampage, and who is peacefully engaged in mining resources.

And you? I wanted to experience the world after a global catastrophe?

Apocalypse 2056 game for online gameplay without problems offers such system requirements:

• average PC settings;

• intrenet network connectivity.

If you already unbearable and I want to play in the Apocalypse 2056 need to pass the formalization of the game. Registration Apocalypse 2056 will not last as pretty simple and fast. Main check your information:

1. visit the official site of the game Apocalypse 2056;

2. select - registration;

3. specify a name for the future of your character;

4. select floor;

5. of the proposed classes, read about them information ukazhaite in which you want to consist;

6. select a race in which enter;

7. tick if you have read and agree to the terms of the user agreement,

8. then click on the - sign.

And now you're here. Frightening sight - not for the faint of heart. Now your task is simple: survive in this world of violence. As already mentioned in the Apocalypse 2056 game you can play one of the three proposed classes:

• soldiers

• Forward;

• Scout.

Soldier - versatile, accurate class fighter for great battles on the middle distance. Inflicts moderate damage. Skillful with weapons of any type. Is not strong armor.

Assault - good coming melee. Has the skills possession of knives. Causing heavy damage. Has the strongest armor. The weak side - vulnerable at long distances from the enemy, but has a good supply of lives.

Scout - suitable for conducting remote battle - fast and agile. On the tenth level holds a sniper rifle. Has light armor, while not strong in melee, but the best at long distances.

Also you Apocalypse 2056 game offers to choose race

• Homo;

• DOE;

• Eco.

And besides that you meet on the site, what should read: production, character, skills, card, commerce, clans, chat, quests, weapons, armor, implants, monsters, tips and history of the world.

Of course, after such an event in the world will specific creatures that will necessarily interfere with everyday life - monsters.

In defense, battles and occupations production you will be given the task for the implementation of which will receive a promotion.

And by the way, that would go into battle, it is necessary either to throw himself a request or invitation received other users.

Play the game online Apocalypse 2056 pretty entertaining. And all thanks to high-quality, bright graphics - realistic characters, monsters, and all the world after disasters. You seem along with the characters experiencing everything.

You can navigate to the game process.


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