Alternative names: Archeych, Ancient Times

ArcheAge online - is a client online game in the style of fantasy. ArcheAge is known in Russia, China, USA, Japan and Europe. The game was developed in a special genre sandbox, igrakov decide who to be, what to do: fight or live peacefully.


ArcheAge PTA - a world that has no zones but is on three sides, which are separated by oceans and seas. If you choose the world wars, then you can fight both on water and on land. Themselves can build ships, to assemble a team. And also can live in peace, to develop agriculture, ranch, sewing, fishing, and even search for treasure.

In ArcheAge users can play with these settings the computer

• Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo (2 GHz) \ AMD Athlon X2 (2 GHz)

• Operating system - Windows XP SP3;

• Video - GeForce 8800GT + or ATI x1950PRO +;

• Sound - DirectX 9. 0c;

• Internet access - High-Speed ​​

• Hard disk drive at least 30 GB

In ArcheAge reception is quite simple and straightforward, you must:

1. Visit the official website of the game.

2. Click on the "Register" button.

3. Enter the number of e-mail, but only mail. ru.

4. Enter the password of your mailbox.

5. Invent and write a nickname for the game.

6. Read the rules and agree with them.

7. Click "Sign Up".


ArcheAge game is quite interesting because of its features, you can choose any weapon, it is not tied to any classes, players can build entire locks, you can swim, fly, dive, the game even has a system of prisons.


ArcheAge download torrent with the aid will be in the next year, the number of characters to expand significantly.

Download ArcheAge complimentary on many servers, but it can be dangerous for your personal computer, it is better to download the game on the official sites.


In ArcheAge classes have no division as such, there are ten specializations, but the character can learn all three.

Specializations are only four archetypes:


• Mage - the strongest magic attacks, control of foreign characters, deceleration, evocation.

• Rogue - the ability to set traps, attacks on distance teleportation to the enemy.

• Warrior - strong combat effectiveness in the melee, installation shield knock spell.

• Priest - treatment resurrection allies, raising their strength and attack.


Game Ancient Times has four races:


• Nuians - pkrsonazh having human form, are mainly located in the western continent.

• Elves - characters resembling elves live in the forests of the western continent.

• Hariharan - East look like humans, live in the eastern part of the continent.

• Ferres - demons have outlines of cats fighting with the western races, they live in the east.


Archeych game that gives you the opportunity to battle a hundred characters, engage in piracy, and you can become a pirate and not on their own will, has accumulated more than three thousand penalty points automatically becomes a member of a pirate and the enemy of all the other characters.


Play ArcheAge and become the most prominent character in the online game.


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