Gods Arena

Alternative names: Gods Arena

Gods Arena game that you can play online right now.

Here you will meet with the world wise wizards, warriors, very cunning thieves. You have to defeat all the enemies to get the key to immortality.

If you are a true hero and not afraid of anything, then this game is for you, because you have to challenge the gods, and that the strength is not for everyone.

In the online game Arena Gods registration is possible through social networks: facebook, vkontakte, classmates and my world. You can also register through the website of the game. To register, you must specify:

1) your email address.

2) The name that will be visible to all players.

3) Enter the password.

In Gods Arena game play you will select the character that you have to get the quest for the beginner. With this quest you will meet with all the game rules.

Arena of Gods online game that involves a tripartite confrontation. You can only fight for myself and against the other two sides.

Simulation in Gods of the Arena is punishable by a fine. You are obliged to attack all enemies different sides or at least use the auto-kick. In the case of inactivity you can also attack with lightning.

If one party has failed or warriors some parties did not come in enough to fight, then they can not participate in the game, but the battle takes place between the two remaining teams.

Game Arena Bogov has a number of features:

1) During the battle, each party may be present at the same time no more than 30 characters.

2) If a character dies, then for it can start a new character part.

3) If, in order to start the game you are told that there are no available seats, you can "get in line" pre-filing a request for a special option. Once you submit this application, you will not be able to leave the game and location for which wanted to fight.


Game Arena Gods leadership is defined as follows:

1) After half an hour at each location after the fight, determined by the "Leader" is a hero who could inflict the greatest number of beats (damage) to their opponents.

2) The leader may delegate any function of leadership character, who is in his team. If the leader dies, the button leadership transmitted automatically to the next character, which caused the greatest amount of damage.

3) With this button, the leader can move their players in order necessary for him to give, in this case, the opportunity for tactical maneuvers in battle.

On the game levels Arena Gods acts "floating limit" participants.

Before each arena caused the number of active characters in each desired level of addiction. Here, from the smallest number subtracted specific percentage, which is the "human factor" and the number is determined by the maximum number of participants on each side of the arena.

The maximum number of participants can be found in a particular option in the game panel.

Arena Bogov - a game for real heroes!




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