Arena Online

Alternative names: Live Arena, Arena Ultra

Arena Online is a free multiplayer role-playing game in the style of fantasy.

Arena Online game makes the following minimum system requirements for the computer player

• Operating System Windows XP / Vista

• high-speed Internet connection 256. 0 Kbps,

• CPU: Intel Pentium4 2GHz or AMD Athlon64 2000 +

• RAM 512 Mb RAM

• graphics card: 128Mb NVIDIA GeForceFX 5600, ATI Radeon 9600

• At least 800 MB of free hard disk space

• DirectX 9. 0

To play the game Arena Online, you will need to download and install the client on your computer - a special program, which is necessary for the correct game. Customer size is around 400 MB.

Join in the game Arena Online does not take much of your time and immerse you in a world that is already appreciated by over a million players. Registration Arena Online asks you to enter the address of the email account and password. At the same password can be generated automatically. Additionally, you'll need to select a secret question and answer, and also read the rules and accept the user agreement. If desired, you can subscribe to the administration of the game and thus be aware of all gaming news. Arena Online registration is complete when you confirm your i-mail.

Arena Online game plunges you into the world of fantasy, where you can select the path:

• barbarian

• magician

• elf

Your character will belong to one of the alliances that are an unceasing struggle between

• Brotherhood of Blood

• Order Order

• Dominion Forest

When you start to play the game online Arena Online, your character will develop many skills. But develop all the skills to perfection you will not succeed, because the higher level your character is, the more accurate will be his specialty. However, if you do not like the chosen path, then you can lose all their skills and experience points otherwise redistribute.

The game presents a huge variety of weapons:

• Ranged

• melee

• magic weapon

In addition, your character will be able to get different accessories that will improve its performance and will help in battle:

• rings

• necklaces

• scrolls

• Belt

• knapsacks

• gloves

• and other things

Arena Online game has a colorful, well-designed landscape of a fantasy world, completely immersing you into the game thanks to 3D graphics. All areas in the game are divided into those that you can not be afraid to attack by another player and those where at any time you need to wait for an attack.

When you're in the Arena Online play, any game item, weapons, ammunition, armor, you can get without investing real money. For this, you only need a good fight and do quests - special tasks for which laid trophies and various bonuses.

Game Arena Online allows your character to master various peace professions, for example, become a lumberjack, a tailor, blacksmith, miner, metallurgist. Your profession can bring you money, but also help to create unique things.

The game is very advanced clans, and you can start on the clan that best matches your gaming purposes. In addition, members of clans provide special bonuses, things, tasks and battles such as the siege of the castle of the enemy. Members of the same clan can exchange and share with each other their belongings and weapons.

The game worked very social relations and teamwork and massive battles will not leave you indifferent.

Play Arena Online can be to the highest, the ninth level of character development.


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