Alternative names: Armades

You love online games, crazy about sea adventures and just want to try to play something new? Then game Armades - what you are looking for. This is a free game that does not require any additional installation files. You can simply register and play Armades online in your favorite browser .

The only caveat - you will need to register. Just like in most online games, Armades registered need to access your personal account and start of the game. To register, you need to go through the same corresponding link "Register", the left side of the start page of the game.

1. Before you open the registration form of the game, in the top field which requires the introduction of the system address of your electronic mailbox.

2. Further, the line below, enter your username, gaming pseudonym under which you will know the other players. Minimum number of characters in the login - 3.

3. Next, enter your password, consisting of a minimum of 6 characters. Password should not be too easy to fraudsters could not hack your account.

4. In Armades play [ _4_] can be several different nations (English, French and Spanish), the benefits of each of the nations can be seen after you hover your mouse on it. Weigh the pros and cons, consider their preferences and choose the nation that you most prefer.

5. Next you will need to come up and provide the name of their island. Minimum number of characters in the name - 3.

6. To register in the game has been completed successfully, you must accept the terms of use of the game by checking the appropriate line.

7. Complete all fields click "Register."

8. After completing the registration you will receive a letter by mail with a link to activate your account, click on the link, then you will be available to all bonuses, and you can start the game.

During the first five days after registering, you will not be able to play the game online Armades at full power, because at this time the site administration imposed a moratorium on fighting. That is, you actually give time to familiarize yourself: you can not attack the neighboring islands, and your island will be completely safe.

This online game has long been able to combine players from around the world, so you should be able to meet their old friends here and, of course, acquire new. All players can join in alliances, which gives them a significant advantage in combat power. Person in the same alliance, can not receive invitations to join the alliance. Thus, alliances can negotiate with each other and entering into certain contracts.

1. Nonaggression pact.

2. Union.

3. War.

Conclude a contract can only head of the alliance, or a person who owns all of the appropriate authority.

Play Armades free appeal to all lovers of marine strategies. This game will help you to have fun and to pass the free time!


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