Asheron's Call

Alternative names: Asheron's Call

Game Asheron's Call famous multiplayer online toy in the genre of heroic fantasy. The game creators welcome you to the world of fascinating travel with companions not standard appearance. In this form it conquers the world has more than twelve years. And does not lose its contingent.

Before you start playing Asheron's Call, for the quality of the game, we advise you to check with your computer with the system requirements of the game. And they are:

· RAM - 2 GB

· Video card - 256 MB

· CPU frequency - 2 GHz

· Connection to the Internet;

· Keyboard;

· Mouse.

So like everything. But should be there is still a fairly simple way to design your gameplay, which is given a name - Asheron's Call register. Advised to check your information:

  1. Visit the official website of the game Asheron's Call;
  2. , Choose the registration;
  3. Enter your name;
  4. Create a password consisting of not less than six characters, and tips for the security of your account, do not use this password in other networks;
  5. Invent and write down your password,
  6. Repeat the previously specified password;
  7. Enter your email address;
  8. Select - register.

In the future you will be easier to enter, just specify the name and password and you're in the game. In Asheron's Call play very interesting. World of fiction, not real beings, which may include you.

At the beginning of the game you need to think carefully about the image, the appearance of your character. Every detail as you need to understand that small growth will slow to run, but very clever, and large - like and quickly disappear from sight, but to get to the enemy it will be easy.

In the game world Asheron ' s Call online there is a choice of three races: Humans, and Lyudzhiany Tumeroki. Here, too, need to be careful. Because in the future you will need to choose a profession, and all races have restrictions in the professions.

Also, the creators are for their fans in the game for game three continents processes

  • Osteth;
  • Omishan;
  • Linvak Massif.

For beginners advised by Continent easier where you yourself zarekomenduete - Osteth.

Osteth - inhabit his race of people. Bright, eye-catching part of the planet as a blooming botanical garden - an oasis.

Omishan - housing for tumerokov. An ideal place for hunting, as around one jungle impenetrable thickets. And the monsters are found.

Linvak Massif - abode for lyudzhianov. Most terrible continent inhabiting group, and on lonely, critters. Mountainous region with a small number of plants.

You are given the opportunity to join together in certain groups, then they are called as follows: Party alliance and the Kingdom. It all depends on the scale of the fighting. Whether you helpers each other when performing tasks, whether large-scale wars and conquer territories - it's Kingdom.

Seems nothing wrong with the game is not intended to, so you can try your hand.



AC game is waiting for you. How can you hold out when the game world is waiting for you with excellent graphics, to support, to the appropriate setting, and music.


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