Asterix & Friends

Alternative names: Asterix & Friends

Game Asterix & Friends - this is a fun game about fascinating travel of Asterix and his friends. Asterix & Friends online will give you a lot of positive impressions of their favorite games has given heroes of this story.

Game Asterix & Friends registration does not pose any difficulty, of course, if you are proficient in English. To register online you will need:

1. Enter the official website of the game.

2. Fill in the main page of the site necessary information about yourself.

3. Write your email address. This field is mandatory to fill.

4. Enter a special password for your account.

5. To confirm the password you need to enter it again.

6. Then below you will be informed about the game. If you are interested in something, put a mark next to those items.

7. Then press the button « Play for free now » .

The second way to join in this game - is to register via Facebook.

Game Asterix and Friends is an online game, so especially powerful personal computer settings for this game are not needed. For you, the most important thing - it is to worry about high-speed Internet.

Play Asterix & Friends You will be creating their own village with his fellow Gauls Asterix, Obelix, Dogmatiksu and other famous characters what you wish.

In Asterix & Friends you'll play against mighty Rome.

In Asterix & Friends Online you will be able to make friends, chat with them on the forum regarding the different strategies, the Gallic gods and many other things.

When building houses you will see that there are different elements, for example, in the construction of residential buildings need small slots, and for production you should only use large slots.

In the game the importance of resources may change rapidly, first you will need wood, stone, food, and then abruptly may need other resources.

Game Asterix & Friends offer you even hunt. You will hunt wild boar to a tasty meal.

In order to learn how to get the desired site you only need to move the pointer over.

Since the Gauls do not like to sleep in the open air you will have to "wait" to build houses for them.

Some Gauls may be military, and if you build them a house, and Construct a spear or other weapon, they may even attack the Romans.

Fighting Romans is not so easy. They seriously perceive your resistance. Once they learn that you do not want to obey them, just send a legion on your territory. You will need to get used to the Romans will be on the territory of your yard, where they will set up a special patrol.

You will have a unique opportunity to train your villagers, so that they become stronger.


Asterix & ses Amis - this is the computer game that will remind you of your childhood, and spent time looking for a TV favorite cartoon Asterix and Obelix.


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