Astro Empires

Alternative names: Astro Empires

Game Astro Empires is a massively multiplayer online game, which is developed in the genre of science fiction. In this game, you will go to extraordinary and infinitely beautiful space.

You have to build your space point, powerful starships, and develop different technologies and create multiple alliances. And the most important thing in the game is waiting for you - this space battles!


In game Astro Empires registration is carried out fairly quickly and were as follows:

1) You must provide an email address and your nickname.

2) Specify the password and the country in which you live.

Play the game Astro Empires you'll be on any web browser in the universe in real time.

You have to trade with friends and neighbors, the defense of the empire as well as the war and participate in epic battles.

In Astro Empires browser game play you'll be familiar with the following features of the game:

1. Powerful unique universe.

2. Excellent gameplay.

3. Massive wars.

4. Vivid community of players.

5. Awards for the mission.

6. Ability to play on any browser.

7. Mobile version.

8. Free game.

9. Additionally, the game client download is not necessary.

Your adventure in the game Astro Empires begins with base located on the planet in uncharted galaxy. To be a great emperor you need to develop your base by building different structures.

Since we are talking about this game, your actual construction will take time for you to complete the construction. In order to tackle the construction of complex structures, you will need to learn new technologies.

The game has a lot of amazing technology for detection.

Game Astro Empires online - it huge universe, with hundreds of thousands of planets. You will help scout who will help you meet other players who can help you in the game or will attack you.

When you master the construction of your base, you can create a fleet for the war campaigns to increase their profits.

You will be given the opportunity to build many types of ships to create your ideal fleet: from the hordes of small units to giant armada of ships.

A good idea is an opportunity to make friends with other players , especially join the guild that will protect and provide survival in this amazing universe Astro Empires .

Alliances and policy present game Astro Empires .

You will participate in mass wars in the game Astro Empires with thousands of players, and you have to fight in incredible epic battles.

Sign up online game Astro Empires for free and invite your friends to play was much more interesting, and most importantly your friends will be there. Immerse yourself in this space with incredible events, battles and companionship!


Good luck to you in space battles in the browser game Astro Empires!


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