Vanguard Online

Alternative names: Avangard Online

Play the game Vanguard Online will be pleased almost all fans of sophisticated online games in the genre of MMORPG. In-Game Vanguard Online will easily understand a man who for the first time take part in online battles. But masterovityh bison online games, it does not impress, due to its compelling atmospherics.

In our fast time in favor of the game also says that Vanguard Online game absolutely does not require additional installation of the game client. All you need to play is a stable connection to the Internet, the Internet - and does Vanguard Online game.

Vanguard Registration will not take you much time. The relevant section of the game site, enter your email address, gender, race and name your character. After getting acquainted with the rules confirm your agreement with them. Join in the game Vanguard successfully completed, and you can easily play the game online Vanguard.

Before the game, you need to opt for one of the factions of the game. There are only two - Chaos and Order. Chaos units in the game are highlighted red and warriors Order - blue. Playing for the Chaos forces under the command of your troops move orcs, goblins, black knights and other fantasy vermin. Selecting a side order, you will confront them with the help of knights, elves and dwarves.

Vanguard Online game is to control the force of knights, with the help of which you must capture castles and prove your courage in battles with other players online. More time online games Vanguard you will be spending in the exciting tactical battles in real time. Captured the castle, you can continue to develop and turn into their own residence with a moat and defensive towers.

Every unit in the game has its own narrow specialization. Always on time battles online, keep in mind that the cavalry will cope with any foot units except lancers who literally constructed to withstand the cavalry. Archers should always be close to melee behind more powerful counterparts.

Continuing to play the game, it should improve the performance of the characters, attending training hall. So the game will satisfy fans and pumping characters. You can get specialized, studying magic wisdom using runes. Or learn the tricks of the improved use of weapons and armor. Or become an expert in the siege of cities with the help of machines relevant specialization. Also replenish your wealth, plundering enemy caravans.

Despite the apparent complexity of such games to learn to play Vanguard will not be difficult for beginners and genre MMORPG. Players quickly become accustomed to the friendly interface of the game and can get more interesting information in the library Vanguard.

Toured the world playing Vanguard and never having been on the online market, it is not possible, because it is an important part of the game. For players, the market is Vanguard exchanges where the exchange rate is set by the players themselves. You can also participate in this online auction. Auction last night during which you can bet to kill the opponent.

If you are tired to fight so to say "outdoor" Peace Vanguard online, you should try your hand in the dungeons. They are designed for a group passing and after passing deliver good earnings.

Avangard Online game is not just a game for one night. Unlike other MMORPG bright design and game interface provides the same vivid emotions for you and your friends. Vanguard - online game that will finally answer a group of friends: "Who on earth all the cunning and stronger and wiser? . " Vanguard registration will find out who you best general.


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