Avatars: Age of Chaos

Alternative names: Avatars, Avatar

Avatars Game Review: Age of Chaos.

World Avatars: Age of Chaos online is a classic fantasy role-playing with all the features of the game. Period of chaos game will give you interesting quests, exciting tournaments, mini games and puzzles that require logical thinking. This free browser game is a multiplayer, since it is unlimited access to the system requirements too high. To play Avatars: Age of Chaos will need an Internet connection, the system Microsoft Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP, Pentium 300 MHz, 128 MB RAM, and video card compatible with DirectX. Become a party game help Avatars: Age of Chaos online registration. Game Client do not need to be downloaded. Join in the game Avatars: Age of Chaos requires the following steps:

1) Introduction of the game character's name;

2) Record the password and re-introduction into the next line;

3) E-mail (e-mail);

4) Note your actual date of birth;

5) Note the floor;

6) The introduction of the depicted figures in the appropriate field;

7) The adoption of the User Agreement;

8) Confirmation of compliance with the laws of the game;

9) Pressing Register.

Register Avatars: Age of Chaos is passed, and you were on the closed spaces of the world. This habitat former gods, now the Avatar, the place became the last stronghold for the dying universe. You enter the game as their own to create a unique character. Later the game Avatars: Age of Chaos online gives the opportunity to reincarnate into a higher form. Available for each race its highest form. For example, the elf can be reborn into an angel or vampire, demon or Efreet gin and so on.

Let's take a closer look inside the game race. Total of 7

- People;

- Elves;

- Orcs;

- Gnomes;

- Trolls;

- Dana;

- Demons.

People in the game are the most common race. Restrictions them unknown. This versatile race has great potential for development. Besides people easy to learn.

Elves - majestic creatures with slender bodies possessing extraordinary agility. Nature accuracy allows representatives of this race are considered the best archers. However, the use of axes and Dubin for them is limited.

Orcs - incredibly strong warriors for which martial art is an innate quality. Proud creatures skillfully use his strength and limitation in the use of bows and magic of the mind does not stop them.

Gnomes - piedmont race masters, who are renowned strength armor. Access to bows and magic light for them is limited, but the rest of the weapons they have very cleverly.

Trolls impress with their huge size. Legendarily tenacious creatures with particular skill - healing. Regarding the use of weapons, spears, swords, bows and all the magic trolls limited.

Dana inherently burdened by dark magic and vampirism. All the inhabitants of the world of Avatars treat them skeptically, one can even say with extreme hatred. These uvorotlivye beings use different types of weapons. Limited to them only clubs.

Induced fire element fiery demons possess skin and both physical and magical damage to them is reduced. Bows, crossbows, magic and light of reason for this race is limited, but it seems they do not bother about this.

Avatars: Age of Chaos can play, gaining experience and developing skills for the purpose of rebirth. This capability is achieved after successful completion of a series of challenging assignments and is considered the highest honor.

Collective action online game is also not the last. Join a clan - it means to become a member of the community of players, with whom it is easier to carry the burdens of long journeys and win the bloody battles.

Another feature of the game is the presence of religions. Avatars: Age of Chaos online game lets everyone who wants to try himself as a god. Organizing their religion, should gather followers from real players. The more they have, the more powerful god.

Basis of the game - a dynamic real-time combat. But you will not spend all your time just for this occupation. After all, you need to think more about the way of earnings. There are two types of currency: silver (game currency) and gold (bought online games for real). Earn play money can be put on a path test, participating in tournaments and battles, attracting new players to the game, deciphering the scrolls and doing crafts. Choosing a career is yours! Decide what is your soul. The game offers seven options:

- Pathfinder (well-versed in the open countryside, thereby effectively collect ingredients for potions and elixirs)

- Killer (mercenary who hides in the shadows and attacks to kill)

- Healer (can restore their own health and to help the Allies)

- Witcher (able to resist the magic for which specifically puts your body changes)

- Mercenary (way to earn money - magic and sword)

- Hunter (specializing in rare species catch monsters)

- Raider (is looking for treasure).

Play Game Avatars: Age of Chaos Online is necessary, moving through the levels. Incidentally, when the level you also get income. With each new level, you delve more into the gameplay. Exciting game events capture even the most demanding gamers.

Start playing the game online Avatars: Age of Chaos and able to verify the strangeness of this project. Be sure that do not have to be disappointed! May the luck you carry out the most ambitious plans!


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