Avatar Star

Alternative names: Avatar Star, Star Avatar

Avatar Star game is a computer game in the third person shooter style. This game is a multiplayer game with anime style graphics.

Avatar Star Game registration is not yet possible because the game server is updated to 19 October this year. But for registration usually requires the following data:

1) Your name. In some cases and surname.

2) Year of your birth.

3) E-mail address.

4) The password for the game.

5) The country in which you live.

Download Avatar Star from the official website, as well as sites that provide access to this feature. You will need to click on the "Download game" or "Load Game" (on each site presented differently). Then you will be presented a floating window where you want to click on "Save File". How to load a file, select it.

In Avatar Star can play registered users who are not computer system parameters specified below:

Windows XP or Vista, and can also be 2007 - OS (operating system).

AMD Athlon 64 3500 + - processor (CPU).

1GB - Memory (RAM) /

4 GB - Hard disk drive (HDD).

256 MB - Video Memory (Video).

Shader Model 3. 0 - Graphics card (Video card).

Internet - broadband.

DirektX 9. 0c

In Avatar Star online, there are three interesting classes of characters:

1) Guardian (physician) - this class is engaged in healing other characters.

2) Gunner (heavy infantryman) - is the most powerful class that properly with weapons.

3) Assassin (Sniper) - this is the class label. They can kill at any distance, so they should be afraid.

In Avatar Star online through a variety of precious stones, you can improve the skills of the characters. Their abilities will be strengthened by this.

If you connect monotonous stones, you will be able to improve their performance, which is very useful for your character.

In Avatar Star Online there are classic modes:

1) King of the Hill - This mode is the most popular.

2) Domination - here need to show all their abilities to dominate the game.

3) Team Deathmatch - this command mode.

Avatar Star online ample opportunity for each character. You will be able to change their costumes as their huge amount in the game.

Also, no less varied assortment of weapons in the game Avatar Star.

Avatar Star game is totally free, so any user can download the game, register it and start playing.

Avatar Star Game is a special in-game store where you can buy virtual money for various objects needed for the game.

Avatar Star - a new addictive game that is full of many exciting special effects, characters and amazing adventures.

Sign up with your friends, download the game and start to dive into this exciting world of anime characters.

Plunged into the world, you certainly will not regret the time spent


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