Avatar Star

Alternative names: Avatar Star

Game Avatar Star is a computer game from a third party in the style of a shooter. This game is a multiplayer game with graphics in the style of anime.

In the game Avatar Star registration is simple and understandable for all users, the following data is required:

  • Your name. In some cases, the patronymic and surname
  • Year of your birth
  • Email address
  • Password for the game
  • The country in which you live

Download Avatar Star can be from the official site, as well as from sites that provide access to this function. You will need to click on the"Download Game"or"Download Game"button (each site is presented in different ways). Then you will see a floating window in which you need to click"Save file". As the file loads, install it.

V Avatar Star online there are three interesting classes of characters:

  1. Guardian (medic) - this class deals with healing other characters.
  2. Gunner (heavy infantryman) is the strongest class that handles weapons properly.
  3. Assassin (sniper) - this class is the most accurate. They can kill at any distance, so they should be feared.

V Avatar Star with various precious stones you can improve the skills of characters. Their abilities from this will intensify. If you connect monotonous stones, you can increase their effectiveness, which is very useful for your character. There are three classic game modes:

  1. King of the hill - this mode is the most popular.
  2. Domination - here it is necessary to show all your abilities to dominate the game.
  3. Command desmatch is a command mode.

Avatar Star online is provided with ample opportunities for each character. You will be able to change their costumes because there are a lot of them in the game. Also no less diverse range of weapons.

Game Avatar Star is completely free. The game has a special internal game store, in which you can buy various necessary objects for the game for virtual money.

Avatar Star is a new interesting game that is full of many fascinating special effects, characters and amazing adventures. Register with your friends, download the game and begin to immerse yourself in this exciting world of anime characters. Having plunged into this world, you undoubtedly will not regret about the spent time.


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