Avatars: Age of Chaos

Alternative names: Avatars, online game avatars, the era of chaos

To date, the Internet, there are many online games that capture the player his inner world, plot and just a game atmosphere. But not all of these games, players have the freedom of action, as in the movement, and in the conduct of the battle.

We want to give you a game that does not fit into the standard online games you've ever met - is an online game "Avatar: The Period of chaos." In this game characters have complete freedom of movement in the vast expanses of the world's avatar, planning battle (freedom of choice and action beats that will be applied), and the battle itself takes place in real time and controls the player completely.

And so briefly about the game ...

In the online game "Avatar: The Era of Chaos" There are seven playable races: human, elf, dwarf, orc, demon, troll and Danu. Each of these races on your unique and flawless. Most generalized race - a man who can be a warrior and a mage. Other races are more prone to a certain type of character raskachek so dan race more suited to dark wizards and elf archer. When registering in the game, the user can select any of the existing races, and if difficult in choosing, you can always turn to the help section, or alternatively choose each race and try to play with the character can be cleared until they reach level 11.

After registering the character gets to the central square and big mosquito is a test battle, which shows the possibility of the character. This fight does not need to be frightened, and it is desirable to follow the prompts that pop up on the screen and into the chat. After the fight, you can explore the city itself, this will help you quest character Elika, which will give simple tasks for which you will receive bonuses in the form of experience and silver (they can be activated in a backpack character by clicking on the "use"). The city itself has four districts: District Guild, Central Square, Residential Area and Cemetery. In each of the areas is a structure in which to take the job to get experience and silver, as well as to restore health and to buy clothes and weapons. In the central square there is the Arena, where you can check the strength of your character in combat, as well as the Temple of the treatment and also where you can take a religion that gives a bonus to health and manna.

After doing all the jobs that gives character Elika can easily reach level 8 (it takes time less than an hour, except for one job.) Then you can go to the shop and dress your character walks in the country and to perform more complex tasks. When selecting the buildup you have the opportunity to make a warrior, mage, archer or Clover. For each of these types of characters provided their weapons - for the soldiers swords, axes, clubs, staves for mages, archers for bows and crossbows, and for Clover - Clover. Magicians in turn can be divided into four types: dark, light, mind and stihiyschiki can also be a combination of several of magic in one character.

At the initial levels available light character assignments that help explore sitemu battlefield map, and other subtleties of the game. The bigger the character level - the more difficult task and thus melts becomes more interesting to play. Each player can find his place in the game - some develop characters for pvp battles and attack anything that moves, others for PvE battles and peaceful walk in nature collecting resources and kicking bots.

Upon reaching level 51 character he has the opportunity to go through the ritual of reincarnation and get the highest form of (improved race): Vampire Golem, Berserk, Giant, Angel, Lich, Torre, Ghost, Efreet, Jinnah (depending on the character's race) . Higher forms give their complementary capabilities and discover the world of the character avatars with a new, more interesting side.

So who decided to test their abilities - checking in online game and plunge into the world of avatars!


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