Alternative names: Bashers

Today we offer you to get acquainted with the coolest and moreover round fighter online space. Basher is a game online. It will take you into the world of Basher. Basher is pretty funny colorful kruglyashi. Nevertheless, they are very warlike, and their arsenal includes automatic rifles and even flamethrowers. Their meaning of life - war. War can be and your sense of life, if you start to play Basher.

To play the game online Basher Your computer must meet these parameters:
Operating System - Windows XP / Vista
CPU - CP 1. 5 GHz
Memory - 256Mb
Video - GF FX5200 or analog support Shader 2. 0
Sound - DirectX 9 compatible. 0s
Free space on hard drive - 100Mb
DVD-drive x8
Permanent Internet connection

Please Basher online game must be downloaded directly to your computer from the site of the game. There you have downloaded the setup file of the game. After downloading to your computer, run it and Basher online game will start installing on your computer. If installation is correct on your desktop icon appears to run the game. Download the game and check it are absolutely free.

Next to play the game online you will need to register Basher Basher. To do this in the section "registration" on the main game site, record your data in the appropriate lines:
1. Enter your screen name (login) in Latin.
2. New password and confirm it
3. Enter your email address below.
4. General information about you: the real name, gender, motto.
5. Confirm your acceptance of the terms of the EULA.

When checking in the game Basher finished you can start playing Basher.
Basher online game first refers you to create eye of your character. Here you can choose the look of your kruglyasha: color and texture painting. Then select one of three types of weapons for this hero and clicking on the "Create a character" can go directly to the game Basher.
Now it's your life and the life of your character will be in constant online battles with other players. In order to begin your battle your way from the available gaming arenas choose which you like and click "join".

Currently in the world over the 20 available Basher game cards. Each of them has its own characteristics, which should take into account when playing. For example, a map «coliseum» is perfect for online duels. It is a circular arena of medium size. In the arena are small shelter allows you to protect and begin a counterattack. This card is for those who like mass carnage.
In Basher has several game modes with their own features, where you can become part of a team or play every man for himself.

Basher Weapon in the world is divided into three types:
Firearms: Rifles, shotguns, machine guns. In general, everything that shoots bullets.
Rocket: All mechanisms can trigger explosive projectiles and cause death. Naturally the frequency of firing is lower than that of a firearm.
Energy: Weapon for lovers of future technologies. Shoot lasers and electricity.
You can equip your Basher broneskeletom and put on his glasses and hat. All improved inventory you can buy at the store Basher for play money won in battles.

Killing enemies in the arenas, so you will still get the experience to achieve a new level. For each level you get 2 skill points and spend them on the development of characteristics such as firearms, energy weapons, missiles and vitality.
As you can see the battle, and the whole game take place without undue stress and aim to relax the player after a hard day. In the end, if you want to blow up that be, Basher check waiting for you!


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