Batman Arkham Knight

Alternative names: Batman: Arkham Knight

Game Batman Arkham Knight ( Batman: Arkham Knight ): the final part of the man-bat.

The single-player game Batman Arkham Knight ( action adventure ) completes the cycle of toys about Man -bat from Arkham. The issue was initially planned in the middle of October 2014 However, a team of game creators with Rocksteady Studios Studios Iron Galaxy (PC) with publisher Warner Bros. Entertainment Interactive suffered this momentous event by 23. 06. In 2015 and then re-issue of October 28 did, as amended and revised.

In the wake of a superhero.

Not long lull lasted in Gotham after the death of the Joker. Place the main villain can not remain vacant forever, and it takes a Scarecrow, a cafe using a new toxin that causes people to come into a rage. The situation is heating up, and it's time to evacuate the city. Only the intervention of Batman can stop the chaos began.

In order to explore every corner of Gotham undercover, you have to download Batman Arkham Knight. With heroes and anti-heroes develop another story, rife with intrigue and adventure.

This is not the entire list of participants in the story, but even he provides insight into the eventful story. And to help the citizens of the former Batman back rest, the developers have expanded the range of its capabilities. For example, he can choose from a number of suits, and becomes invisible for a time, destroying like this to five enemies.

But most importantly, it's the Batmobile, which has become even better. Batman can call him at any time. This transport does not penetrate the bullets and he rams any obstacles: trees, fences, barricades, debris, or go yuloy & ndash; zavertitsya in place while pouring enemy missiles. This is a real fortress, and efficient means of transportation, which is easier to navigate the city, and even solve puzzles. And when the Batmobile is not necessary, you can leave it and go on foot.

The combat system in Batman Arkham Knight on PC & ndash; the pride of the developers. Batman solves some problems alone, but for a serious mission he needs helpers, and it is combined with the Allies, and then together they sent a double blow against the enemies. Tips and tricks that trained player characters Batman Arkham City, the authors have borrowed in martial arts movies, so they look very realistic.

  • OS: 64 bit; Windows Vista SP 1/7 / 8 (8.^^8 Processor: Intel Core i5-750, 2. 67 GHz / AMD hairdryer and X4 965, 3.

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