Battle Forge

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BattleForge online multiplayer role-playing game is attributable to a rather rare genre of collectible card games.

Before the game, let's take a look at the minimum system requirements. Online game BattleForge makes the following system requirements for your computer:

Processor - 1,8 GHz Intel Core,

Video Card - 128MB NVidia GeForce 6000 series or higher, ATI Radeon 9500 or higher,

RAM - 512MB (1GB for Vista),

Hard drive - at least 10GB of free space to install the game,

Internet Connection Speed ​​- not less than 512 kb

DirectX - Version 9.0 with (available on disc)

Sound card - compatible with DirectX 9,0,

Minimum screen resolution: 1024x768.

Join in the game BattleForge is quite simple. On the registration you will enter the standard data

- Login - login name on the site,

- Nickname - the desired name under which you will know the players,

- Password

- Electronic mailbox address.

However, in order to start playing the game BattleForge online, enough to pass only BattleForge online registration. Also, you will need to buy a CD with irgoy - or at authorized dealers in the off-line, or downloaded from the net.

BattleForge online game gives you the opportunity to create some one character, and then it gradually developed. No, you will be given a deck of cards, and all - spells, soldiers, buildings - depicted on the cards. Only depends on you how you dispose of them during the game, and only depends on you strategy to achieve victory.

BattleForge Game Online is launching a standard deck of cards one of the four basic elements. One of these elements you have to choose at the beginning of the war. This

  • Fire (more suitable for those that like to attack)
  • Frost (for those who are building their strategy on defense)
  • Shadow (for subtle tactics, using all the capabilities of their soldiers)
  • Nature (for fans spell Mindbender opponent)

When you play online game BattleForge, then your opponents in battle against the artificial intelligence, such fraction will be performing

  • Stonekin (a combination of the nature and frost)
  • Twilight (compound of fire and nature)
  • Bandits (took the best from the shadow and fire)
  • Lost souls (a combination of shade and frost)

In the starting pack, while being vybudete play BattleForge, you can buy yourself and other decks on the special glasses that are given along with the purchase of the disc. If you have these points is not enough, then you can buy more. So, your deck can consist of more than 200 cards. But during the battle, you can use only 20, so with the utmost attention to the selection of treat troops for each fight. You can be for each set of twenty cards their tactics, but your opponent will do the same. Fighting in the game is very exciting, because you can not know which card stashed surprise your enemy.

In addition to the basic characteristics of each map are available yet on the three levels of improvements that can be earned during battles with another player.

In order to activate the card, you need a margin of two different energies that you will receive from the construction of monuments.

If you're in BattleForge play with friends, you can change cards. Or you can sell your cards on the stock exchange and earn good money if you are powerful and rare.

Battles in the game are different:

  • Training fights with PC
  • To perform various scenarios in which the company itself can collect up to 12 people
  • Duel one on one
  • Battle two by two

BF game provides the opportunity to compete in a variety of ranking tournaments and battles

Register BattleForge immerse you into the magnificent world of fantasy battles. And if the rules of the game and keeping the fight you seem complex, it offers numerous video tutorials.


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