Alternative names: BattleKnight

BattleKnight online - is a browser role-playing game (MMORPG), with a historical story, which tells the story of knights and castles, noble paladin and ruthless robbers ...

Online game BattleKnight requires no client installation and games available in almost any browser. All you need to start the game, this Registration BattleKnight: on the main page, in the registration form, choose (if you're a beginner) "I'm new here" and enter a name in the field, e-mail, password. Next, select a server and accept compliance with the Rules of the game. After that, click on "Play" and on this game Register BattleKnight finished.

Going into the game, Owl (NPC) propose to undergo a training course in a few quests for the implementation of which will be given some rewards in the form of game currency and some things. BattleKnight game online has the in-game currency - silver and rubies.

At the primary level in the game, your character gets the title - Trainee.

Opening the menu tab "Character", choose an avatar of his character. Here you can see the features:

Power - stronger than the hero, the more damage it can inflict,

Cleverness / Build - the higher figure of the hero, the more his life points and faster to recovery;

Luck - level of luck hero, affect the ability to get a critical strike, as well as the number of looted silver

Art Attack - the higher the weapon skill of the hero, the more he will have a chance to hit the enemy;

Art of Defense - the better character to be managed with his shield, the less damage it will receive.

In addition to these characteristics, there is still

  • Life points
  • Karma
  • Damage
  • Armour
  • Hit chance and protection

Play the game online can BattleKnight taking a job as robots, such as security gates, field work, betrayal. Here only planned action hero, directly involved in them will not be accepted. Execution time from 1 to 8 hours. Payment - Silver and awareness of karma.

Depending on the level of the hero will be able to choose weapons and armor, potions and runes that can be purchased with earned silver coins from the merchants, blacksmiths and Alchemist in the market. A dostignuv10 level, you can buy a horse.

Play the game online BattleKnight can by attacking robbers, helping good people, or vice versa, to side with the robbers. Depending on this choice, karma hero becomes positive or negative

Force light (positive) karma : Protection ancestors Light Power Regeneration, Angel Wings, shield Mystic, Mystic citadel.

Dark forces (negative) karma : Dark Force, Curse, Shadow of Darkness, kick acid Creek death armor with spikes.

Each player in this game that gets your estate that can be improved depending on the material possibilities. For real money you can buy a premium account, which gives a lot of advantages and opportunities in the game.

To gain experience, new skills and play money (silver and rubies), the hero will need to perform various tasks, and participate in battles with other players.

BattleKnight online game The tournament is an arena where you can choose a favorite type of fight:

  • King's Tournament
  • Duel
  • Call
  • Tournament
  • Joust

Game imeet12 missions, and each mission has several locations. There are group missions that you can take in the Tavern.

Play BattleKnight can be bought in the store itself or Satellite Skakun

Satellite - Dog, Squire, Kitty;

Mounts - The Black Horse, White Unicorn, Black Unicorn, Black War Bear.

In BattleKnight can play united in the Order, to provide support for the game among players. A Correspondence between the players, there is a function "Messages".

This game is considered one of the best in its genre, there are many interesting features and it can still be a long story, so it is better to play. BattleKnight registration will open the door for you on this historic world!


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