Alternative names: Battlemons

Game Battlemons - is a free browser game developed German company Crenetic GmbH. Players grown baby-monster hone their skills and then send them battle against [_2_ ] other monsters for his great achievements and awards monstrous battle game.
Play game Battlemons will be exciting, because you will be in cartoon world in which they live monsters [ _1_] human characteristics. You will like to arrange fights between monsters kindle sleeping monsters, as well as nurture the kids!

Before playing Battlemons, make sure your computer meets the system requirements such as: frequency processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video Card - 128MB. Battlemons registration does not take much of your time and easy:

1. On the main page, select the item « Play for free »;

2. Give a name to your character;

3. Enter a secure password and repeat it;

4. Please enter a valid e-mail;

5. Select « Submit ».

Horde mysterious creatures were last thing astronauts expect to find [ _1_] surrounded in jungle planet. Battlemons online introduce you to the sweet, at first sight, baby animals, which were real combat vehicles . Despite the fact that the monsters peace towards people , but they are capable turn into ferocious [_1_ ] fighters in combat when they meet another member its kind in the game Battlemons . Battlemons play is interesting because you can tame and train monsters .
Game Battlemons offers the player to take the role of coach monsters and start the game with egg from which appears next monsters . Each breed zveryushek has its own unique characteristics. Small Prizefighters , for example, not too difficult to grow - it just need to feed and care to teach Battlemons online . You will pass through several stages of the child to grown being . Later in the game battle monstrous you will be available derive new rock monsters using other two of the same kind, as well trade offspring on the market.

Players Battlemons online conduct long Village because here is stable , where the monsters can regenerate train in gym. You can also visit the market , where all players Battlemons online can buy potion to temporarily increase force and intelligence monsters. In Battlemons play is unpredictable, because the Arena small warriors finally meet in fight. Your victory on tactics and skill , your coaching abilities. Browser Game Battlemons automatically ensures that every player meet worthy opponent. For winning, you will receive gold coins and glory. Monstrous battle game can offer also search for artifacts and eggs monsters!

You have a great opportunity to rouse cute and paint monster teach him [_1_ ] fight exciting battles arena.
Play game Battlemons is so much fun, because you will travel the colorful and gay world comics and experience all kinds of [ _2_] Adventure with your own monster! Along the way you meet countless other small animals and can become a real independent coach [ _1_] monster Battlemons online .
To do this, teach your pet to become a real fighter, but do not forget about the welfare of your pet monster in battle monstrous game!
Game Battlemons promises interesting, funny and colorful battles!

Playing free in game Tremendous battle you get opportunity and care bring [ _2_] his own monster, fight monsters and other players go to the colorful adventures fascinating world Battlemons online !


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