Space Battles

Alternative names: BattleSpace

Battle Space online - is a free military strategy browser based online game that will get you into alien worlds and the endless expanse of galaxies.
... A series of unsuccessful experiments brought our planet to a catastrophic loss of life and 2240 was the year when mankind was on the verge of extinction. Time to save the situation was very little and all somehow habitable planets went ships with settlers ...

Register Space Battles in the game is simple and involves filling such fields as:
• Login
• Password
• E-mail

Next will be able to choose a planetary system and actually the planet itself, which will be for your people residence. Currently available in the game two universes, it's Beta and Gamma, are happy to take you in his arms.

Play the game online space battles so exciting that switch to another toy does not want.
You have to build solar power plants, metal mine, crystal and deuterium, which would be necessary to fly in spaceships and space for plants. Constructing a lab, you will learn new space technologies, which allow you to continue to create powerful engines for spaceships and develop the infrastructure of your planet. In addition, you will need to build different stores and factories for the production of robots. With all this, you can build a shipyard, where it will be possible to build spaceships and various protective structures.

Online game Space Battles will provide an opportunity not only to develop their infrastructure, but also to engage in espionage, and attacks on its neighbors and maintain the space battles.

Play Space Battles mentors will help you, if you have a need for such assistance. What is the meaning of such assistance, the fact is that during the game at the new players can experience a variety of questions that can be set by going to the game chat. If someone agrees to act as your mentor and help at an early stage to deal with all emerging issues on your part, your reward mentor for such assistance would play bonuses. Therefore, both sides with such cooperation take each his own.

Space Battles online game, except mentors, offering more help so-called "officers". Not to be confused with mentors! Officers will help you quickly reach the level of development by improving some characteristics (for example, increase the power of the engine of the ship or to increase the productivity of mines). For such assistance will need to pay kuidami (this in-game currency).
Kuidy can be bought for real money (WebMoney, SMS, direct payment) or by attracting new players. For kuidy can buy some things and game advantages.

In kuidov in online game Battle Space has another currency - credits. You can earn credits by taking part in expeditions engaged in trade or completing quests. This currency is mainly used for the calculation of between players.

Play the game online space battles, build your empire, you all alone, and you can create your alliance and lead it. If you wish, you can join an existing alliance, but need to know what alliances are not static, they are constantly at war with someone and make peace, attack and defend.

I want to say a few words about how the battles are in this game: the battle itself, as such, no, he is in the form of a report on gaming operations (ie, who did what).


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