Alternative names: BeBees

BeBees online - free browser-based strategy role-playing game, in which the actions of the characters are bees. You get into a real hive where tireless workaholic all the buzz and buzz, hosting in his monastery. The purpose of their lives - to extract more than honey. Lice task - to collect a swarm of allies who will boldly to attack the enemy in case of need. Will also take care of the bee warrior who is the central figure in the house bees. Develop protagonist bee community, fight for every drop of this sweet and precious honey to jump on in the race for the championship unthinkable their competitors. BeBees game ranks players and win the first line in this list you have all the chances! Come on! Success is in your hands!

The first thing you need to do - is to create an account. Enter your name, password (repeat), date of birth and country. Also, to access the application, you should accept the Membership Agreement. Go to the project you can through Facebook. If you do not have your page in the social network, create it will not be difficult. BeBees registration will take you to the fabulous world, and you can start solving a formula for success. Maybe the whole thing in the amount of the honey? Maybe the ability to hold while exciting battles between rival bee families? Or perhaps the secret of well-designed strategic moves? Well how about Fartagh can from it all and depend on? Started playing BeBees, you will certainly find answers to these questions. Over time you will learn how to combine all the necessary actions and will feel at ease among the cute striped insects. Demonstrate other users their extraordinary abilities!

BeBees can play anyone. Already, the number of users reached the respectable number 208670. And every day there are more. To join you do not need to download and install anything. The game is loaded without problems in the browser and enjoy the gameplay may even owners of computers with modest parameters.

Browser Game BeBees arranged so that everything here revolves around honey. It can not only collect, but also to steal. Additionally, stocks of honey will be protected. After all, you never know who will want to encroach on your wealth! Bravely defend against attacks by their honey at the same time, stealing someone else's. So you be famous nimble medokradom and enemies understand that either something like a beehive impregnable fortress.

Bees fly under your leadership the lawn and collect at Krafla sweet fragrant nectar. They carry their prey to the hive, and you have to watch how accumulated honey and rejoice that every moment is becoming richer. What will work smarter than the bees, the faster will win a place in the sun among other equally ambitious players. Game about bee allows you to expand and improve your swarm all available means, and to participate in eye-popping battle heroes. Sending its representative swarm, you can get prizes, unless of course, he will be able to win a victory.


Let Your charming bees buzz, dance, entertain and work - to contemplate all this pure pleasure! Game about bees will give you sunny mood, a lot of fun, gambling and fights dizzying victory! This is the best way to brighten up your leisure time and forget what boredom. Just try to start to collect honey and build their hive as notice that such an extraordinary session draws from the very first minutes. Enjoy the game!


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