Beyond: Two Souls

Alternative names: Beyond: Two Souls
Beyond: Two Souls on pc video game is created in the style of interactive psychological thriller. Do you have an opportunity to influence the events of the game and maybe even manage a new story. Every action performed player can affect the course of history. Jody Holmes old girl living at the base for the military with the adoptive parents, Susan and Philip. From birth, there have Jodie rather strange psychological connection with the mysterious creatures whose name is Aiden, with which it has the ability to perform many telepathic acts, such people have consciousness and various other actions with objects. Having in their hands superhuman strength and power, forcing the girl to fear and hate her at the same time. Given that the reason for anger can make any change. After the incident, when Aiden nearly crippled one of the neighborhood children, at a time when Jody played with them in the snow, Jodie foster parents sought help from a psychiatrist. Jody gave doctors Cole Freeman and Nathan Dawkins from a special department for the study of paranormal phenomena, and then left the base. Thanks to these doctors Jodie gradually learns to control the ability of Aiden and tries to live in harmony with it. Game Beyond: Two Souls develops chaotic sequence is jumping back and forth in the three main points of life age of the protagonist. The game changed almost instantly, here you eight-year-old girl, which overcomes insomnia, which then leads to a series of irreversible results, and then you have 23 and at great speed rush from the pursuit of the local police on the roof of a moving train, then all involved in the military operations of the CIA Africa. You do not have to miss under any circumstances, even if the environment is not particularly like it, it does not matter, it will change soon. Determine the main characters is not so simple. Game Beyond: Two Souls not immediately distinguishes the hero game. At first it seems that it is like a little girl who grows up in front of you, but if you wait a bit and look closely, it may be the ghost of Aidan, who like a father trying to protect a young Jodie from threats outside world. His excessive anxiety almost always leads to negative consequences for both. You have the option to download Beyond: Two Souls game on the official site, and passed a simple registration to fully enjoy all the moments of the game. And you can not even worry, you all will! Beyond: Two Souls play is pretty simple, you can only use a tablet or smartphone. Beyond: Two Souls review shows you a tiny fraction of all the events that are in the game. The exciting thing you can experience only when plunged into the events of the game already. And raise the veil and add bright colors to your imagination Beyond: Two Souls video trailer. Then he too will put all the necessary accents.

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