Battlefield 1942

Alternative names: Battlefield 1942

Game Battlefield 1942 is a fascinating cult computer game. This game is designed in the style of shooter and action in it are in the first person.

Battlefield 1942 game you can download for your PC games from the main site. BF1942 can download only grown users, but for this you need to give a pre-application.

Before the game, you are advised to see the pro game Battlefield 1942 video. In it you will find the full game graphics, gameplay and other features.

About the game Battlefield 1942 review reveals the main features of the game: gameplay, game classes and description techniques.

Game batelfild 1942 will introduce you to their classes in the game:

  1. Sniper. Main weapon - a sniper rifle. He also has a 3-grenades, knife, binoculars and unique, conventional gun.
  2. Assault. Main weapon - a machine or a machine gun. Assault is a knife, a gun and a standard 3 grenades.
  3. Thrower. The main armament is a grenade launcher. In addition it has a grenade launcher pistol, three hand grenades and one universal knife.
  4. Nurse. The main armament is a submachine gun. He has a first aid kit. With the kits you can cure their allies. We have 3 Medic grenades, as well as the usual standard knife and gun.
  5. Engineer. The main armament is the engineer rifle. Engineer has two cages more than a sniper. In addition, he has 4 anti-tank mines, a knife, a handgun, four bundles of dynamite. With dynamite it can undermine the different objects using the detonator. Using a wrench, he is able to repair a variety of techniques and can also defuse dynamite and anti-tank mines.

Play batelfild 1942 you will be using the following technical facilities:

  1. SUV - a car that can drive on the road.
  2. Armored personnel carrier - this armored vehicle, which has a high cross.
  3. Tank - a combat machine, which tracked.
  4. Heavy tank - it is also like a normal tank, but superior to the weight.
  5. Artillery - is the main military land force.
  6. Fighter - a military aircraft that destroys enemies in the sky.
  7. Assault - this combat flying machine, which refers to the attack aircraft.
  8. Amphibious boat - this boat for transporting
  9. Destroyer - this class of ships, which fights with submarines.
  10. Cruiser - a ship that is designed to perform a specific task.
  11. USS - this warship brunt sends a carrier aviation.
  12. Bombers - it jets that bombed various military forces.
  13. The goal is to conquer other territories and retention protection at their bases. Each faction is different technique. Hostilities are at different territorial areas. Total in this game four zones.

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