Battlefield 2

Alternative names: Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2, BF, BF

Game Battlefield 2 is a fascinating tactical network game. This game also supports a role-playing game and strategy elements.

Battlefield 2 game you can download it from the official site of the game if you have a full eighteen years. Download BF2 you can only after the pre-submit your request.


You can see a video of Battlefield 2, in which you are completely familiar with all the features of the game: gameplay, classes in the game and other game features.


In Battlefield 2 game you can play the following classes in the game:

1. Saboteur. This class is easy. He is specialized mainly in subversive activities behind enemy lines, for example, the explosion of strategic facilities. For this purpose, five universal controlled charges. These charges can be used against armored vehicles.

2. Sniper. It is also very easy class. For this class the main goal is the extermination of the enemy infantry at long distances.

3. Assault. This class is heavy. Assault is very well suited for conducting battles with enemy infantry in a variety of distances.

4. Support. This class is heavy. Its main objective is to cover the Allies from the heavy fire from machine guns, as well as supply them with ammunition.

5. Techniques. This class is one of the lungs. Technicians specialize in repairing equipment (in direct contact) and structures (bridges and strategic objects).

6. Medic. Light-weight class are doctors. This class can heal wounded soldiers.

7. Thrower. This class refers to a severe type. Grenade throwers are, in general, to destroy enemy tanks at long range.


In-Game Battlefield 2 weapons have absolutely every class

1. Saboteur: silenced pistol, a knife, a short-carbine, hand grenades and explosives.

2. Sniper: A sniper rifle, a knife, a pistol with a silencer, grenades and landmines.

3. Assault: assault rifle with a grenade launcher, a pistol, a knife and a smoke grenade.

4. Support: machine gun, pistol, universal knife and grenades. In addition, this class has an almost infinite amount of ammunition of different types of weapons.

5. Technician: a shotgun, a knife, a unique gun, hand grenades and anti-tank mines. Technician possesses the key by which can defuse mines and repair equipment.

6. Medic: assault rifle, a pistol, a knife, hand grenades. Medic has a first aid kit. It raises the level of your character's health and helps the other characters. In addition it has a defibrillator. This device helps the dying allies, but with it you can kill enemies.

7. Thrower: antitank missile system, as well as a gun, submachine gun and a knife.



In-Game Battlefield 2 pc you can change weapons in certain combat classes.

BF2 game has a huge number of vehicles

1) Attack helicopters.

2) fighter-bombers.

3) Fighters.

4) Armoured.

5) transport helicopters.


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