Battlefield 2142

Alternative names: Battlefield 2142

Game Battlefield 2142 is an exciting computer game that was designed in the style shooter. In this game you will play the first-person.

Battlefield 2142 game you can download from the official site of the game if you have already fulfilled eighteen years. Underage access to this game is closed. Batelfild 2142 game you can download it on other sites if they offer this capability.

Before you start playing the game, you are advised to see the video of Battlefield 2142. In it you will find a lot of useful information.

BF2142 game will introduce you to their exciting character classes:

  1. Sniper-saboteur. This class is a sniper attack by infantry, and also engaged in constant sabotage activities. He has devices for sabotage and perfect camouflage. Their firecrackers You can attach all sorts of surfaces, blasting different techniques and special command modules. Using masking can become invisible by 90%. You can see it only in the vicinity.
  2. Assault. This class can fight at any distance. He is fighting very well at different distances. Forward also carries responsibilities field doctor. With the help of a defibrillator, it can quickly revive allies of wounded and kill enemy soldiers, only at very close range.
  3. Engineer. This class can fight on the technique, as well as against it. This class repairs on the battlefield variety of techniques, puts mines on the battlefield, and also carries out demining. Special additional devices belong to the engineer and designed to support the technology.
  4. Fighter support. This class is mainly engaged tray ammunition and defense positions. Fighter support to deploy automatic protective turret and can immobilize vehicles and automatic turret. Also has other special items to support in battle.

In the game Battlefield 2142 weapons have all classes. With some types of weapons you can discover in this report:

  1. Sniper-saboteur: sniper rifle, lambert (with automatic carbine) and versatile gun.
  2. Assault: assault rifle, pistol, shotgun and rocket underbarrel grenade launcher.
  3. Engineer: antitank and antiaircraft rocket launcher, anti-tank gun "pilum" landing and a submachine gun.
  4. Fighter support: two guns, a shotgun and a universal gun.

In addition, each character can control how his technique and the technique of their opponents.

In 2142 batelfild game play you will be using the following technique:

  1. SUVs - it can be up to 3 people: the driver, gunner and a passenger. He has no armor.
  2. Martial tiltrotor - this double appliances. It placed rocket launchers.
  3. Transport tiltrotor - it consists of 7 people. Protected by machine guns.
  4. Armoured. Can accommodate up to 6 persons. Use guns to fight.
  5. Fighting robots. They fit two people. Armed with rocket launchers, guns and other weapons.

Game batelfild 2142 this fantastic battles and technology.


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