Battlefield 4

Alternative names: Battlefield 4, bf4

Battlefield Game 4 is exciting computer game. In it you have to play from the first person. This arcade shooter attracts all their fighting, characters and other features.

Download Battlefield 4 can only grown users, ie e those who have currently full eighteen years. Batelfild 4 game download from the official website of the game, after submitting an application to site administrators.

Also you have the opportunity to watch a video about Battlefield 4. These videos reveal some of the events in the game, or rather they are part of the game.

The game batelfild 4 You can play the following characters:

  1. Sergeant Daniel "Rack" Recker is a member of group "Gravedigger" Marines. He refers to the protagonists, and after his death Dunn becomes commander of the detachment.
  2. Military medic Clayton - is a member of the group "Gravedigger." He is considered the chief of medicine, as passed medical courses.
  3. Sergeant Kimble - this party divisions "Gravedigger". He has a family, and he may die.
  4. William Dunn is a unit commander squad "Gravedigger". In one of the missions he dies.
  5. Laszlo Kovic was a CIA agent. He is a VIP-person. After some events, he joined the squad, but eventually dies.
  6. Hannah Shui is a secret service agent in China. It comes in the squad "Gravedigger" to perform important missions. You will make friends, but you can die.
  7. Dmitri "Dima" Mayakovsky is one of the main characters in the third part of the game. He could die on the performance of tasks.
  8. Jin Jie is one of the VIP-persons.
  9. Admiral Chan is the main antagonist of the game.

In-Game Battlefield 4 weapons have the following types:

  1. Knives - ten variants.
  2. Pistols - 12 species.
  3. Assault Rifles - 10 species.
  4. Shotguns - 10 types of weapons.
  5. Assault rifles and carbines - 23 species.
  6. Guns - 10 types.
  7. Semi-automatic sniper rifles - 7 species.
  8. Sniper Rifles - 12 species.
  9. And Grenade launchers - 11 options.
  10. Gadgets - 11 pieces.
  11. Other - 9 species.

Batelfild Game 4 is rich with various techniques

  1. Aircraft support.
  2. Attack helicopters.
  3. Helicopters intelligence.
  4. Stealth aircraft.
  5. Assault aircraft.
  6. Defense.
  7. Boat.
  8. Assault boat.
  9. Infantry combat vehicle.
  10. Main Battle Tank.
  11. Transport.
  12. TOW.
  13. Fixed air defense system.

BF4 in the game you have to go through a number of cards. Cards you pass only the network level. Only here you will be available a huge amount of military equipment. In-Game Battlefield 4 present the ability to activate a different number of improvised devices, explosives, which are scattered throughout the levels.

In this game have made a few additions that are sure you like it.

Should also be noted that the game has a huge number of awards.

Enter the world of the eleventh series of fun games Battlefield 4.


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