Battlefield: Bad Company

Alternative names: Battlefield: Bad Company, Battlefield Bad Company, battlfild

Game Battlefield : Bad Company - tactical multiplayer first-person shooter, tie story which takes place in a fictional country somewhere in Eastern Europe. The creator of this product line - the company DICE , and publisher acts Electronic Arts . The user will have to take part in the conflict between the U.S. and Russia. You are transported into the world, arranged by type of sandbox in which everything changes depending on the situation. The battlefield is constantly changing, forcing the players to use different tactics to win. Once the run game and in front of your eyes flashed pictures Battlefield : Bad Company video, the focus will 222nd battalion, consisting of criminals and other guys that everything in this life care. This battalion known as « Bad Company ». Once on the battlefield guys crashed, and they come to understand that they are not just fighting with Russian soldiers, and deal with the mercenaries. One of the representatives of the above is in Batalha enemy fighter in your pocket gold bullion. This means that mercenaries for their work receive no money, and a noble metal. After thinking about unexpected discovery Preston "Newbie" Marlowe, Samuel "Sergeant" D. Radford George Gordon "Heg" Haggard and Terrence "Sweet" Sweetwater (222 boys of th Battalion) came to the conclusion that this fact to their advantage. Because in this way you can easily cash in! Consumed by lust of wealth, they decide to act. In order not to miss such an intriguing events and to be a direct participant in everything that happens, you just need Bad Company download.

Set the game on the PC and run it is not difficult. Besides Battlefield : Bad Company system requirements quite loyal and will not be a hindrance. Everyone can enjoy the gameplay, which pleases many of its features. Let us examine more in detail. Bad Company game boasts such advantages: modern engine Frostbite, provides interactive and destructible of the world (for example, the explosion of the house collapses and it becomes impossible to hide from bullets), a fascinating story in which due attention is given to a single company, as well as thematically justified multiplayer. Well, of course, the tactical component that makes your actions meaningful, not mindless. And players will appreciate the rich arsenal. You will be available very different Weapon Battlefield : Bad Company . But this is not a complete list. Can not do in the war, and without technology. And such instances as CAV patrol boat and equally available to all parties. Having started the fighting, you really sure how rich and diverse BF Bad Company .


Hurry Battlefield : Bad Company download to fully enjoy the gameplay and socializing with other users! Why be bored when you can have fun on the full? Pleasant experiences!


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