Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

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Game Big Farm: Mobile Harvest build a successful farm.

Many people cherish the dream of owning their own land, but not everyone can realize these fantasies. If you are close to the work of the farmer, mobile toy Big Farm: Mobile Harvest from the developer Goodgame Studios just like it. Just imagine how you wake up with the first rays of the sun, and before you open your eyes, enjoy the sounds that come to you. It's pretty munching guinea pigs, lambs bleating, cackling hens, a cockerel roosts, and cows demand that they be milked.

If you do not have a house in the village, you urgently need Big Farm: Mobile Harvest to download, because it's free. Here you will find new friends who like your playing like this. The game process is also free, but if you want to speed up some processes, use in-game purchases. But if you do not need them, just disable them in the settings, and you will not be bothered by offers to pay for certain goods or services. Another good news you can download Big Farm: Mobile Harvest on your computer. Pluses here, several simultaneously with the mobile version, you can develop a computer, comparing the versions and results, as well as always have access to your favorite entertainment.

We roll the sleeves and go to the beds.

You will have neighbors who are ready to help if necessary. However, they sometimes need help, so be a good neighbor to you too. Players are pleased to learn that people here not only work hard for the prosperity of their farms, but they also know how to entertain themselves. They organize fairs, celebrate holidays, make friends give gifts and give out assignments. Actively participating in the life of the villagers, you will become part of a large and friendly family.

Game Big Farm: Mobile Harvest has quite a lot of nice features:

It's time to test yourself in the business, sowing the first seeds in the ground.

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Gradual expansion of zones for new buildings or fields
  • Charging to higher levels due to progress
  • New buildings appear, which also need to be improved
  • Wide assortment of plant and animal cultures
  • Ability to produce products from raw materials
  • Access to trading on the market
  • They will quickly ripen, having pleased with a rich crop. Everything that you will produce: vegetables and fruits, as well as livestock products, all this goes to your storehouse, and from there there is a distribution that is for sale, that as a task, that in production.

    Big Farm: Mobile Harvest game involves the accumulation of experience, bills and bonuses. Each component is a necessary part of the game process, ensuring successful development. Do not seek to inflate the price by offering your product on the market. Remember that other players sell similar products, and if their offer seems more profitable, you will be ignored. Try to carry out current affairs in a timely manner. The fact that it's time to do this or that work, I will prompt icons for objects, watering is needed, or a ripe harvest should be collected, pets want to eat or it's time to shear lambs, milk the cows, collect eggs from the hens.

    Do not forget about the scenery. The game Big Farm in the domestic store contains a number of cute items that will decorate your estate. Spend between the paddocks comfortable footpaths of stone, plant rose bushes, plant flower beds with flowers, set lanterns and gazebo all a matter of taste. When you feel that the farm has really blossomed, invite guests so that they can evaluate the result. You, too, can go to visit, perhaps, having learned there interesting ideas for yourself.


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