Battle for Dune

Alternative names: Battle for Dune
Game Battle for Dune - is a cult, a strategic browser game online. This free online game, which is an improved version of the well-known games platformers DUNE II. In order to play in the Battle for Dune download anything not necessary. You just need to go to the game site and register. And she Battle for Dune registration is quick and easy. The basis of this game is the famous cult movie of the same name, which is watched by millions of viewers worldwide. The game Battle for Dune online occur on the planet Arrakis. Inhabitants of the planet - the Fremen, who called it Dune. On this planet, there is almost nothing. There are only incredibly expensive golden sand and sand worms, which are an obstacle to distant campaigns. Golden sand is very valuable, since it can be produced from the fuel, which is so necessary for intergalactic flight. On the planet Arrakis unfolding civil war for each piece of the planet between the three Great Houses - Ordos (green) Atreides (blue) and Harkonnens (red). Each house has its own secret weapon and special military units. In addition to the three Great Houses there are five small houses: Sardaukar, House X, Tleilaxu, Fremen, Spacing Guild. Each house has about 10 types of troops. Each type has its own purpose. Infantrymen best defense base, aviation is good for destroying buildings. A armored vehicles can be used to attack. Arrakis - a planet on which there is a unique substance - "spice - melange" (resource). This substance is necessary for interstellar travel. On it depends the existence of civilization. To be able to take control of this planet will be able to control the entire galaxy. Game Battle for Dune online has two modes: - Quick battle in which you are involved in short battles up to 4 people; - Battle for Dune, in which fighting dozens of players, representatives of different houses. This so-called war alliances that the main supplier of fun in the Battle for Dune. To win the game alliance of twenty players need to dial 100 000 points of income and maintain this level for five days. But keep the bar is not so easy, because as soon as the alliance gaining the required amount of points, so immediately it immediately begin to attack enemy group of players. Each player has units: riders, rocket tanks kariolly (air transport, which carries armored vehicles). Each player receives a base that is necessary to develop and expand. You also need to collect resource - spice. Dune War game very interesting strategic game online. In this game you can postroitbolshoe number of structures to create defenses to their base, to think tactical attack, call in reinforcements, defend against different enemies, attacking from all sides. In Battle for Dune play like novices in this game is not a novice gets empty database, and the finished complex of buildings. The number of buildings affected by the age of the world, the higher it is, the more buildings you can get. Dune on the planet you will be greeted not very pleasant surprises, such as sawing storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, which can carry out all light units in the sky, and then break them down into the ground. And the villain is the king of sand worms - Shai - Hulud who loves suddenly attack and destroy the entire squad. So you will find many adventures on the planet Arrakis! Game Battle for Dune is very famous throughout the world. She is the founder of all strategy games, combining incredible graphics, wonderful sound and immersive storyline.

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