Black Desert download

Alternative names: Dezert Black, Black desert

Igra Black Desert Online: an endless adventure. The magnificent location of the world fascinate seamless beauty of the landscape, and gives them a realistic change of day and weather.

Pered you stretch populated by diverse wildlife coniferous forests and lifeless red desert, marsh swamps with wild moss and totems foganov, beautiful city with majestic architecture. You will encounter many secrets to reveal that a force of only experienced adventurers.

Na throughout history will be combined into groups to fight with guns, fighting to control elephants, engage in trade, craft items, to come up with the interior of homes.

Pora Black Desert download to manifest itself in military affairs, diplomacy, show skill and merchant skills. After downloading, do a series of actions in order to start the game.

  • Zapuskayte loaded fayl
  • Dozhdites installation GameNet
  • applications
  • Teper choose a convenient way to ustanovki
  • Primite user soglashenie
  • Dozhdites final installation igrushki
  • Zapusk occurs avtomaticheski

Klassovaya gradation.

Chelovecheskie characters strongly differing and difficult to choose from the trio presented the characters, even if they possess the basic useful talents. While some prefer to keep a frontal attack, crumbling two-edged sword of the enemy, the other better show themselves by destroying the enemy army from distant frontiers. To fight a variety of ways, even by magic, developing skills to perfection.

Zhelaya please all players, the authors of Black Desert online have created an impressive list of character classes:

  • Vedma (sorceress)
  • Valkiriya
  • Kunoiti (woman ninja)
  • Sakura

Znakomstvo with the territory.

  • Voin
  • Luchnitsa
  • Koldunya
  • Mistik (Summoner or Tamer)
  • Varvar
  • Volshebnik
  • Ronin (or bleyder)

Vy get into the tiny coastal village Veliyu, where the main activity - fishing. It most diverse inhabitants: the people, goblins, dwarves, giants and other races. Here come the merchants and knights, and all in a hurry to see a wise old mayor. Being in such a pleasant corner, you can offer your own goods for sale and buy necessary to train the army, not to lose the skills and morale.

Teper time to move on to the west, south or east. The way is to carry out important assignments, for example, destroy the unprecedented beetle, ruining the fields.

Opytny traveler will find the entrance to a small, dark cave, which was chosen by Imps and their heads huge troll. They are too dangerous, and do not start a fight, if still not strong enough.

Vstretit peaceful and evil imps can be in the fields. Some even unarmed and posed no threat. But if you meet representatives of the tall, clad in armor and armed scimitars, poosteregsya. They are shamans who call their spells. Power impam give totems, and how is it impressive, better fuels power of demons.

Vse is lovely, but do not forget - there is a struggle for territory. Guild claiming the right of inheritance, and to be included in PvP battle that abound techniques that help achieve victory.

Igrushka young, but already out additions, and you can buy for the Black Desert brand new kits for the external image of the characters. Start playing in the Black Desert, demonstrating the wisdom of strategist.


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