Black Desert

Alternative names: Black Desert

Game Black Desert is a multiplayer game with castles, monsters and unusual world. This game is brand new and contains elements of role-playing game.

In the game Black Desert registration is available grown users. In order to register in the game Black Desert, you must do the following:

1) Find Black Desert game site on the Internet, and then enter it

2) Then click on 'register' link, which is listed in the login form

3) Then choose a special example. For example, 7 +5 =?. In response to a special cell write example. And click on the "Continue" button

4) In the first line, write your user name specifically for the game Black Desert

5) Then enter your e-mail (Email)

6) Then click on the "Register"

Password for your account will come to your email.

Download Black Desert can be from any site on which granted access to it. After downloading the file, you must install it. Also, the game Black Desert can download torrent, special boot files. But this program should be installed on your computer.

Black Desert The game play can only registered users with a personal computer or laptop computer settings which correspond to the below or above them

• Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 2007 - Operating system:

• Pentium 4 2. 0 GHz - Processor.

• 2 GB - Memory (RAM).

• 2 GB - Hard disk drive (HDD).

• NVIDIA GeForce 7600GT (Shader version 3. 0) - graphics (videocard).

• Broadband connection (not less than 512 Kbps \ c) - the Internet.

• DirektX 8. 1

Black Desert online game gives you the opportunity to play such races

• Man - the usual creature with average abilities, but the desire to win big.

• Elf - a beautiful creature from the depths of the forest. Elves are great arrows.

• Hobbits - little creatures, very bold and motor. Not particularly fond of the Elves.

• Giants - their name speaks for itself. This race is very strong.

• dwarf - a mysterious character who has all sorts of surprises.

In Black Desert online game you can get acquainted with these classes:

• Warriors - they may be many. In particular, humans and dwarves.

• Archers - they are strong in the far distance shots. Archers are mostly Elves.

• Berserkers - belong to this class mighty Giants.

• Sword - a class of people as possible can be Hobbits.

• Wizards - this powerful class. They are subject to many events and actions in the game.

1) Tamers - they can tame any fearsome beast. Handlers can be practically all races.

Black Desert online - this is an interesting and exciting game. Large number of different adventure awaits you in the Black Desert. So do not miss out and sign up in the game together with friends and spend time with pleasure.

Black Desert online - this is the game for you! Plunge into the world of adventure!


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