Blacklight Retribution

Alternative names: Blacklight Retribution

Game Blacklight Retribution is a massively multiplayer online game developed for the PC. In this game you will play the first-person.

In English go another language of your choice, provided in an online game Blacklight Retribution registration. To register you must specify:

1) your user name and e-mail address.

2) a password and a code, which is shown in the picture.

Play the game Blacklight Retribution You'll meeting the following characters:

1. Grendel characterized a huge arsenal of weapons , including three deaths and one [ _19_] point destructive equipment. Also has heavy armor . Enjoy all the abilities you can only Grendel the thirtieth level.

2. M. Provides good protection with the exact arms near and far range. One most unique features MARS is his extremely high armor that provides 25% damage reduction. Mars also has average and endurance running speed , but high power armor.

3. Viper is still the fastest and most agile hero. They have a variety of weapons close combat. Viper is the first hero which will be released with melee weapons as a standard.

4. The Duchess is a specialized sniper all combat situations. It is equipped with a rifle and a revolver incendiary, which may carry the enemy in seconds. Duchess sacrificed her left arm for a robotic arm.

5. Deacon - with user stamping manipulator he can handle accuracy even in the dangerous workplace. It has a completely unique appearance than any other agent in the game.

6. C. Karalis - codenamed "Lilith" - an experienced pilot. Its purpose is the battle, and she has three grenades support. Lilith is very heavy blow and after it is difficult to survive.

7. About ' Corner. He is always on guard and can drive any enemy into a trap.

8. B. Hinds - this physician. Moving at high speed and may increase health, but lacks armor. Uses treating subjects and rifle.

9. J. Haussen - this sniper who has good stamina.

10. A. Hernandez - has high health and armor by speed. Uses for healing injector and fight - shotgun .

11. M. Akimoto - Pilot wears a suit and a first-class specialist.

In the online game play Blacklight Retribution you will change the appearance of your character. All this is done only at your request.

Here, Blacklight Retribution online, you will see fierce battles, but incredibly great graphics, because it looks quite realistic.

The game has a special feature that allows you to see the enemy through a wall.

Play the game Blacklight Retribution free, getting passed from mission maximum pleasure.

Good luck in the game Blacklight Retribution!




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